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Behind the Design: Get the Trendy Outline Sketch Look

Find new Outline adjustment sliders under the effects tab on the Image, Graphic, and Text palettes

Adding an outline to your designs has majorly evolved—it's not just about putting a border on a pic—au contraire! It's a fresh design statement, a little extra sumthin-sumthin that can mean the difference between, say, a boring old YouTube thumbnail design and a visually-arresting, standout YouTube thumbnail design.

At PicMonkey you can add a simple outline to most design elements—text, images, or graphics—and it's one of our most-used design features. Now you can also adjust the angle and distance of that outline, creating a SUPER COOL outline sketch effect.

Follow along with this video tutorial (1:04) to get the most out of the Outline feature:

Steps for using the Outline tool in a design:

  1. Open a pre-made design template in PicMonkey. Alternatively, start with a blank canvas and add your preferred images, graphics and text.

  2. Choose the design layer you want to add the outline to. In this example we're using a photo that with the background removed (Pro subscriber feature).

  3. On the Image palette, select the Effects tab.

  4. Select and expand the Outline features.

  5. Click the color picker dot to change the color of the outline.

  6. Use the various sliders to adjust thickness, distance, angle, and more

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