Meme Maker

Meme designs made with PicMonkey's meme maker tools and templates

Make stunning designs with PicMonkey's meme maker. You'll be amazed at what you can create—no design skills required. Try our powerful tools, thousands of templates, graphics, and so much more to craft award-worthy memes, then share on your social media channels for all the laughs. Get started today with a free trial!

Meme designs made with PicMonkey's meme maker tools and templates

How to make memes

Choose template

The meme making journey is yours and yours only. Grab one of our designer-made meme templates, or start from scratch with a blank canvas. You can always switcharoo later, yo.

Add a photo

Add a photo that'll set your meme up for maximum belly laughs. Upload one from your computer, or browse our ginormous stock photos and videos library. Tweak your image's size, shape, color, and more with our effects and editing tools.


Now's time to make your meme unique. Replace any text with your own words. Choose from hundreds of different fonts, and customize the text's color and size with effects like curve or outline. Add graphics for some extra pizzazz.

Share it!

When you're finished, download to your computer or share directly to social media from PicMonkey. Your work always autosaves to our cloud storage, ready and waiting for its next iteration (after this one goes viral, of course).

Why use PicMonkey for design and photo editing?

Minimal learning curve

Our easy and intuitive tools allow you to start editing photos and creating spectacular designs immediately, no matter your skill level.

Extensive feature set

Start with a professionally designed template or take advantage of our high-powered tools to make custom images from scratch.

So much for so little

Get everything you need to create fabulous images for one low subscription price, with no one-off purchases or hidden costs.

Create a meme with graphics

We’ve got thousands of awesome graphics in a multitude of styles, shapes, and sizes that you can use to create designs that will get noticed.

Dozens of graphic examples at PicMonkey.
Dozens of graphic examples at PicMonkey.
See our stock photos

Create with stock photos

We’ve got millions of gorgeous, authentic stock photos taken by some of the best photographers in the world that you can use to create a truly unique image—all included with a subscription.

See our stock photos

Animate graphics, images, & text!

With PicMonkey's one-click animation tools you can bring your designs to life. Animate as many layers as you want in a design, and output as a GIF or a MP4 to share to social or with friends and co-workers.

Animate your graphics and text and images in PicMonkey with one click
Animate your graphics and text and images in PicMonkey with one click
Try the draw tool to sketch or doodle on your designs or create your own hand-drawn graphics

Meet the amazing Draw Tool

Try the flexible, fun Draw Tool to doodle or sketch on your images! Use Pencil, Paint, or Spray Paint to add details big or small to your designs, watermark your work, or hand-draw your own own logos or graphics.

Try the draw tool to sketch or doodle on your designs or create your own hand-drawn graphics

FAQs about making memes

What is a meme?

Memes are typically static images with text and, according to Merriam Webster, represent “any idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” A quicker def: Memes are funny pictures that we use as a...unique...form of communication with each other.

How do I make memes on my phone?

Download the PicMonkey mobile app. Upload your own photo or choose one from our stock photo library. Add text and customize it however you want. Ready to share with the world? Just save your design to your camera roll, or share directly to Instagram from the app.

Can I make a video meme?

Sure! There aren't any hard and fast rules about what is and isn't a meme, so why not go ahead and create the next big internet sensation in the form of a hilarious video meme? Start with one of our meme templates, then just swap out the image for a video and write new text. Simple as that!

Making memes in PicMonkey

Do you have a feline prone to hilarious facial expressions, an article of clothing with a deceptive color scheme, or a burning question best expressed by a philosophical dinosaur? Then harness the power of the internet meme, and share that good stuff with the world. You round up the cool images and clever words, and we’ll show ya how to meme-ify them in minutes with our meme maker tools.

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