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GIF Maker

Now you can design, edit, and save GIFs all in one place. Get started free and unleash your creativity with our GIF maker tools.

The GIF maker with its own design tools

Graphics, photos, videos galore

Fuel your creative ascent with our massive stock photo and video libraries, and over 7,000 graphics. Make your own stickers with Background Erase!

Simple, fun animations

Our pre-set animation moves can be applied to photos, text, or graphics — they're super simple to use and make a huge impact.

Powerful text tools

Get cool text looks with easy-to-use wow-makers like outline, drop shadow, and curved text. Choose from over 300 fonts or upload your own.

Rich filters and effects

Go hard with photos, using our rich photo editing features. Create bold looks, or subtle polishes — dial in your own unique aesthetic.

The best animated GIF editor for graphics

Animate any graphic with easy-peasy motion tools. Want it to slide in, pop in, or roll in? Choose your move from twelve dazzlers. Or start with one of our animated graphic GIFs and your work is done. 

We've got a sweet collection of animated graphics in the PicMonkey mobile app. Customize 'em, add 'em to backgrounds, add text, or a video, and export as GIF.

Easy video-to-GIF editing

Upload a video clip or choose one from our royalty-free stock video library containing millions from Pexels and Pixabay. Trim it, and then let loose your creative beast!

Add text and style it up with text effects. Drop graphics on top and change their colors. Put a colored background behind it. The options are limitless.

When you like what you've done, export it as a GIF. Easy peasy.

Make GIFs from text animations

Words or phrases are sometimes all it takes to make a fun, impactful GIF. But that doesn't mean you're stuck with Comic Sans. Peruse our massive library of fonts and get choosin'. 

When it comes to text effects, PicMonkey's tools are unparalleled. Curving text and circular text are as easy as a single click. Outline and drop shadow offer tons of creative customizations. Colors, textures, and clipping masks are yours to tinker with.

Learn tips and tricks for designing your GIFs

How to Animate a Picture, Text, or Graphic

Learn how to animate a picture, text, or sticker and get ideas about using animations on all your social channels.

Make a move
How to Add a GIF to Almost Anything

Work with animated graphics in our graphics library and learn the ins and outs of adding them to your designs.

Get GIF-ing
Bring your Designs to Life with Video

Get the lowdown on using video clips in your designs, and get steps for creating some wow-worthy looks.

Vibe with video
Create wow-worthy images with PicMonkey