Use the Lush Photo Effect to Save Blah Photos on Your Phone

A “quick fix” usually refers to something done in haste that’s a little lackluster, and more often than not it involves duct tape. The new Lush effect in the PicMonkey mobile app is anything but sub-par (and duct tape free!), but it fixes photo woes with lightening quick speed.

Lush does a lot of magical things—it makes already great pics even better, makes colors more vivid than you could ever imagine, and saves images with exposure issues from the dreaded trash can icon. Seeing is believing, so let’s take a look at a few of Lush’s photo-improving superpowers. Get out your phone or iPad, open the PicMonkey mobile app, and head to Effects to play along. Don't have the app yet?

Bring out brilliant color in your photos

From the deep forest-y greens in your hiking photos to the saturated hues in your macarons, Lush makes the richest colors more, well, lush. This photo effect is especially talented at adding fabulousness to photos that already contain vivid hues, so try it out on all of your flora shots, richly colored food pics, etc.

Save dark photos (without washing them out)

Light is a fickle thing. Sometimes you think you snapped a great shot, and it comes out ridiculously dark. Before you give up , give Lush a try. It’ll brighten your darkest days—er, images—without giving them a washed out look and losing precious detail. Since Lush is a whiz kid at detecting contrast, it even works wonders on those tricky pics that are a little too dark in one area and a touch washed out in another.

Lush + adjustments = your editing power couple

Sure, Lush is more than fine as a lone wolf, embettering images all by itself without giving a thought to companionship. But when you visit Adjustments and give it a sidekick, there isn’t any photo flub they can’t tackle.

The next time your twilight beach photos end up with too-dark sand and a not-quite-right colorful sky, apply Lush and then tap Adjust. Paint on an adjustment (yes! You can now paint on adjustments, just like photo effects) like Saturation or Levels to the sky area, and then marvel at the power of the Lush + Adjustments team.

Reflective surface saver

Buildings are neat and all, but sometimes shooting architecture poses a bit of a problem. Structures full of windows and other reflective surfaces make it tough to get a great photo. Apply a little bit of Lush to bring out the detail in your buildings and make them look as awe-inducing in your pics as they do in person.

Subtle improvements that make a big difference

Even pretty great pics benefit from a little bit of Lush. Apply it to a photo you already like, press on your image to see the before and after, then love it even more.

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This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.