Behind the Design | Constellations

Wanna learn how we made this Instagram post?

Watch the video and follow along with the step-by-step below!

Create this look:

  1. Open a photo in the Editor.

  2. From the Graphics icon on the left, go to Whimsy > Star Signs. (We used Scorpio Star Sign).

  3. Add a Star Sign graphic.

  4. Make the background color of the graphic transparent using the Graphics palette.

  5. In the Layers palette, select the graphic and open Textures (the mesh diamond icon on the left).

  6. Select a Texture to apply to your graphic (we used a Glitter texture). Click Apply.

  7. Adjust the Fade slider to 0%, adjust the size of the texture if you want.

  8. Repeat steps 2-7, adding as many stars as you desire.

Your project is complete! The design automatically saves in Hub, our cloud-based storage platform. You can now share your gorgeous post to Instagram, or anywhere else you want to impress.

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Evan Kubena

Evan is a video and social media manager at PicMonkey. Originally from Alaska, he’s a weekend warrior whose true happy place is in the outdoors!