Behind The Design | Constellations

Behind The Design | Constellations
August 5, 2019 Evan Kubena


Techniques used in this design: Applying textures to graphics

How to do it:

  1. Open your photo of choice in
  2. In Graphics, go to Whimsy -> Star Signs
  3. Add a Star Sign
  4. Turn the base color Transparent
  5. Select the Star Sign layer
  6. Go to Textures -> Glitter
  7. Turn Glitter Fade to 0%, adjust size
  8. Add more Star Signs
  9. Turn the base color Transparent, increase Fade
  10. Fill the sky!

Recipe for this design

  • Graphics: Star Signs
  • Texture: Glitter > Silver
Evan Kubena
Evan is a video and social media manager at PicMonkey. Originally from Alaska, he’s a weekend warrior whose true happy place is in the outdoors!