Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day Photos

Let’s set things straight right here. Romance is not dead. Its beating heart can be found in our Sweethearts theme, which is precisely where you should go for all the romantic effects, whimsical graphics, and flirtatious fonts you need to Valentize your photos. So go ahead, embrace the mushy-gushy-love-stuff, people. We kinda think the world could use a bit more of it.

Where sappy reigns

Sweethearts can be found in Themes, which is in the Tabs column on the far left of the Editor. (Just hover over the icons until you find the one that’s labeled Themes.) There you’ll get all the tools you need to make something unique and special for the ones you love on the day made for lovin’ them.

You’ll also want to visit Templates, where you’ll find creative Valentine’s Day cards for your every mood. Keep in mind, if you want to change the colors, composition, or text on any of our templates, it’s as easy as pie.

Lovey photo effects

If Pablo Neruda were a photo effect, no question he’d be Ombre Amour—so elegant! And if you don’t think that every photo on planet Earth would look more dazzling with Bokeh on it, then we need to talk. All the effects found in this theme have been hand-selected for their ability to make finger people fall immediately and inexplicably in love. Hey, we warned you.

Graphics to get your heart pumpin’

Like we said, the hearts are off the hook. We’ve got full hearts, misshapen hearts, broken hearts, doily hearts, doodly hearts. (Did we mention we’ve got a lot of hearts?) And lips. We got ‘em too. We’ve got more lipstick kiss blots than the makeup counter at Macy’s. If reds and pinks aren’t your jam, worry not. We have a pigment picker that lets you choose any color imaginable.

Frilly fonts for your V-Day messages

While the words on your card are important, it’s crucial to use a font that echoes your sentiments. Click Text at the bottom of the Sweethearts menu and you’ll find a nice selection of sweet fonts to choose from. Sacramento or Signature Pro will give your message that handwriting-esque appeal, while Emily’s Candy is more playful, with little hearts instead of dots over the i’s. (OMG, adorbs!) Peruse our other font choices in the Text tab. You can also go to Graphics and use things like banners, ribbons, and labels behind your text to amp up the mood.

If you need help trying to figure out what you want to say to your loved one, you’ll get some great ideas from our “What to Say on Valentine’s Day: Love Messages for Your Sweethearts” tutorial. So head on over to Sweethearts and get after it, people. All hail love!

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