Watermark Photos (and More!) with the PicMonkey Mobile App

Sometimes great pics happen when you least expect them—like when you’re out snapping with your phone. Instead of having to wait to lay claim to those accidentally awesome images until you can bust out your computer, watermark them ASAP with the free (yes, free!) PicMonkey mobile app!

Our app is now equipped with a feature that lets you use your own images as graphics (a.k.a. stickers in the mobile app realm)—that means you can watermark, layer pics on top of each other, add your logo to product shots, and satisfy any other creative image-layering craving you may have, all from your phone or iPad. If you’ve used your own graphics on PicMonkey.com, you’re already familiar with this idea. Ready to give it a whirl? Fire up your app and follow along!

1. Open your photo in the PicMonkey mobile app

You can open a photo from your Photos/Camera roll, take a new photo, or open one from Hub. Never heard of Hub? It’s PicMonkey’s magical storage feature and your personal project keeper. When you save an image to Hub from your mobile device, you can open it on PicMonkey.com (and vice versa), no uploading/importing required.

No matter where the image you wanna beautify comes from, you’ll need to tap Edit to start, well, editing.

2. Head to Stickers

Notice all the options that appear in the editing toolbar underneath your photo. Tap Stickers (the ghost icon). You’ll see the Photos and Hub icons on the bottom, followed by other shapes that take you to our folder of mobile stickers. Tap Photos or Hub, depending on where the image you want to add is located. Now tap your image, and it’ll open on top of your pic!

3. Customize

When you use an image as a graphic, it works just like any of our mobile stickers. That means you can adjust the opacity (which is suuuuper useful when watermarking), move them around, change up the color, and make them bigger or smaller super fast. Tap Transform to flip it horizontally or vertically, or duplicate your custom stickerfied image.

Layering multiple stickers/graphics? Up and down arrows will appear on your image once you’ve applied your second sticker. Use these to send a sticker backward or forward. If you’re working with more than two stickers, keep tapping the arrows to send a sticker all the way to the back or bring it all the way up to the front.

Bonus! If you wanna watermark your photo, but don’t have a logo yet, try making one with our curved text feature. Just type out your company name, tap the Curve button and slide the slider to adjust the amount of curve.

Beyond watermarking photos

Now that you’ve got the basic rundown on how to use your own images as graphics in our app, let your creativity run free! Sure, watermarking is a breeze, but you can also use this feature in all kinds of ways. Here are a couple ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Make a double-exposure-inspired image. Love the picture-in-picture look of double exposure images? Try it out by layering pics in our mobile app and adjusting the opacity! You can also get super fine-tuned when you erase away parts of the sticker. These look especially rad if you add a nature shot on top of a portrait, and turn one black and white with the B&W effect.

  • Create a branded social post. Add your logo to a gawgeous pic, along with any other stickers (our geometric shapes are pretty useful), and use our preset social crop sizes to make a perfect post in minutes.

  • Have a blast with PNGs. PNGs show up backgroundless, so they’re extra fun to layer on top of other images. Save a pic of yourself as a PNG and make a multiplicity pic on mobile, find a PNG unicorn (or other mythical beast) from a free stock photo website and add it to any photo for a “what the heck?” effect—whatever your creative side craves.

  • Add images to a blank canvas. Feeling a little design-y? Start with a blank canvas and then add your image on top. Hello, crafty-looking collages!

Ready to unlock scary-good image editing? Try PicMonkey today.

Sheree is a PicMonkey copywriter, lover of laughs, and 21st century bon vivant. When she’s not quilling clever articles, you might find her grilling a veggie medley, checking out a local band, or trying a new Seattle hot spot.