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Create a Watermark

Create a custom watermark logo to add to your images and share your brand. Use PicMonkey's watermark maker tools and tutorials to make your own quickly and easily!

How to make a watermark

Pick a template

Choose a watermark design template to customize (or you can always start with a blank and add your own logo and graphics). We have watermark logo templates with circle text, images, and more.

Add photos to your design

Replace the photos in the template with your own pics, or choose from millions of professional stock photos or videos our stock library. Customize your image's size, shape, color, and more with effects and editing tools.

Customize your template

Replace the text in the template with your own words, or add more text. Choose from hundreds of beautiful fonts, and customize the text's color and size, or try effects like curve or outline.

Share your work

When you're finished designing, share your work by downloading to your computer, or exporting directly to social media or email. Your work will always auto-save to our cloud storage so you can return to it at any time.

Why watermark?

Using a photography watermark is a great way to prevent people from using your photo without your permission, or without giving you credit. Plus, they’re an easy way to market and increase brand recognition. Even use PicMonkey to make resumes, charts, ads, banners and edit profile pics.

PicMonkey can help you watermark three different ways:

Design a new watermark
Learn more
Add a logo to your photo
Learn more
Go text-only
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Become a watermark master with these tools and tutorials

Find the right graphics

Learn how to use our customizable graphics, and put ’em to work in your design.

Edit + watermark in one spot

Edit your photos and add your watermarks with our intuitive tools.

Get watermark design inspo

Have zero clue what you want your watermark to look like? This video will help!

Watermark from your phone

Did you know you can also add a logo on the go, with the PicMonkey mobile app?