How to Create a Watermark

Give your brand a shout-out and add a watermark to your impeccable pics.

1. Start with a logo

Open your logo or design one with our tools. Make sure it’s stashed in Hub!

2. Open your pic

Open the photo you want to watermark in the Editor.

3. Add your logo

Add your logo as a graphic with the Your Own option.

4. Position it and fade

Move your logo to the right spot, then adjust the Fade slider.

Why watermark?

Using a photography watermark is a great way to prevent people from using your photo without your permission, or without giving you credit. Plus, they’re an easy way to market and increase brand recognition.

PicMonkey can help you watermark three different ways:

Design a new watermark
Add a logo to your photo
Go text-only
Create a watermark

Become a watermark master with these tools and tutorials

Find the right graphics

Learn how to use our customizable graphics, and put ’em to work in your design.
Go graphic

Edit + watermark in one spot

Edit your photos and add your watermarks with our intuitive tools.
Perfect your pics

Get watermark design inspo

Have zero clue what you want your watermark to look like? This video will help!
Watch and learn

Design 101

These design tips and tricks will help you make a watermark you’ll be proud of.
Get the 411

Watermark from your phone

Did you know you can also add a logo on the go, with the PicMonkey mobile app?
Try it

Use your stuff with our tools

Bring your brand fonts, fav graphics, and more to the watermarking party.

Makes my day to open up PM. Canva puts me to sleep.

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