Profile Picture Maker

Various profile pictures, from square to rounded. Made with PicMonkey's profile picture maker tools.

Make stunning pics with PicMonkey's profile picture maker. Choose from dozens of templates (square and rounded). Easily resize and touch-up images for a natural look, worthy of any social media channel.

Various profile pictures, from square to rounded. Made with PicMonkey's profile picture maker tools.

How to make a profile picture

Choose a pic

Upload your photo to PicMonkey, or start with a template for a perfectly sized layout.

Touch up

Give your pic a natural touch up. Try tools like Airbrush for smooth skin, Teeth Whitener for a gleaming smile, or Blemish Remover to zap away any pesky zits.

Adjust & optimize

Our photo effects make for quick and beautiful edits to your PFP—bring out the vibrancy, lighten dark pics, or blur the background. Need to resize? You can do that too.

Finish & share!

Download your final pic, or share directly to social from PicMonkey. Your profile pic will always autosave in our cloud storage so you can access it anytime.

Why make profile pictures with PicMonkey?

Minimal learning curve

Start editing and creating spectacular designs immediately, no matter your skill level.

Background Remover

Removing backgrounds from your profile pics is as simple as one click. Then, replace with whatever you want.

Smart Resize

Quickly output your profile pic in multiple social media formats.

100s of premium effects & textures

Just like with Touch Up, our effects elevate pics without jeopardizing natural looks.

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FAQs about making profile pictures

How do I make a good profile pic?

Create a profile pic that fits the platform you're publishing to. If it's a straight-laced business site, you'll want it—well, straight-laced. If it's a social network, take the opportunity to truly stand out. PicMonkey's profile pic templates offer an excellent design boost for very little effort. Finally, smile!

How do I make profile pictures that fit on Instagram or Facebook?

For Facebook, create your profile pic at 170  x 170 pixels. It gets cropped into a circle, so make sure no important visual information is around the edges. For Instagram, your image should be 320 x 320 — it'll also get cropped into a round shape.

Can you make a GIF your Facebook profile pic?

Yes, you can upload a GIF as your Facebook profile pic, but only from your iPhone or Android device. In Facebook, tap your picture, then tap "Change profile picture," then "Upload a new photo." Navigate to the place your photo is stored on your phone and tap "Choose."

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