Resize Images

PicMonkey makes it easy to resize images for your every need. Get exactly the size you want for social posts, photos, videos, and design projects.

Crop an image vs. resize an image

Crop: Cut areas from the image

Cropping chops areas out of your pic or video, e.g. to remove unwanted bits, or to cut a square from a rectangle.

Resize image: Shrink or expand the image

When you resize images, it transforms the original pic or video while scaling it down, or up (which decreases the quality).

Try the tool

How to resize an image

Open a photo or video

Open a photo or video in the PicMonkey editor.


Under Edits, select Resize.


Enter your desired dimensions, or scale by percentage.


Click Apply, and you’ve resized your image!

Smart Resize makes multiple versions fast

Design once, replicate endlessly

Turn your Instagram post into a Facebook ad, YouTube thumbnail, and a poster with a few clicks. Take a winning Pinterest pin and share it on every channel, sized-right. Our Smart Resize tool does all the work for you.

Learn Smart Resize

All the social media sizes

Preset crop settings

Turn a YouTube banner into an Insta post in 2 clicks. Our Crop tool has all the social media format sizes ready to resize images.

Multiple posts from 1 image

Easily create multiple posts from a single image with Crop. Transform one design from business card to poster to Facebook banner. Magical!

Get cropping

Find the right print size

Our handy dandy chart provides guidelines for inch-to-pixel conversions with a DPI of 300 so you can be an image resize pro.

Print size (in.)Image size (px)
3 x 5900 x 1500
4 x 61200 x 1800
5 x 71500 x 2100
8 x 82400 x 2400
8 x 102400 X 3000
8.5 x 112550 x 3300
9 x 162700 x 4800
11 x 143300 x 4200
11 x 163300 x 4800

Become a resize image expert

DPI demystified

A walk-through of creating hi-res pics for print or digital display. Learn the diff between DPI and PPI.

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Cropping for social media

A tutorial on cropping images to all the social media sizes with our Crop tool. Plus, all the updated dimensions.

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Size does matter

Browse our collection of social media sizing articles where you’ll find specs for Insta, Facebook, YouTube, Etsy and more.

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