Remove an Object From a Picture Using Clone

Remove an Object From a Picture Using Clone
January 17, 2020 PicMonkey

remove objects from photos

Get rid of that finger in your otherwise stunning pic with the Clone tool. 


Have you ever looked at one of your photos and thought, “Ughhhh. This would be perfect if that hair wasn’t out of place…if that fence wasn’t broken…if my thumb wasn’t in the frame…if my sister hadn’t insisted on having her new boyfriend in all my wedding photos when we knew they were just going to break up anyway”? If any of these situations sound familiar to you, you’ll be happy to know there’s a solution to removing unwanted objects from your pictures.

PicMonkey’s Clone tool lets you “erase” parts of your photos by covering them up with details from the surrounding area. Check out this tutorial video to learn how to edit something out of a picture with Clone. 

How to edit something out of a picture

Open your image in PicMonkey.

  1. Click the Edits tab on the left and choose Clone from the Advanced Edits group in the menu. 
  2. Click the Set Source button on the top left, then click an area on your image that you’ll use to cover the object you’re removing.
  3. Now, click the object you’re removing, and watch the source pixels cover it. Keep clicking — try using painting strokes too — until the object is removed.
  4. When you’re done, click Apply.

Read on to get the full story on how to use this magical feature.

Select your cloning source 



In this photo the sand is our source for covering up the dude. Click Set source to choose the area of the photo you want to use for covering up the unwanted part of your pic. 

Clone is dynamic, so when you move your brush over the new area, the source moves with it like a tagalong kid sister — whatever’s inside that source circle is gonna stamp onto the area you’re cloning. If you’re cloning something that’s a little bit complicated — multiple tree branches, for example, as opposed to solid-colored sand — you should keep re-picking your source so that you don’t veer off and start painting over a part of the image that you want to keep.

Use the Erase and Undo buttons to fix areas you didn’t mean to clone stamp



Oops! The source trailed into the wrong area and you cloned the blue chair onto the guy instead of burying him in sand. Don’t worry if you make a mistake because you can always use the eraser to remove something that you didn’t mean to clone. Alternately, use the undo arrow in the bottom toolbar to go back a step (or 20).

Here’s the finished before and after:

remove objects from photos


Adjust the hardness of your clone 



If it’s a soft touch you’re going for, like cloning grass (as above), a cloudy sky, or someone’s hair, you can adjust the Brush hardness slider so the cloned area is more blurry without a hard, defined edge.

Fido’s super cute and all, but he’s not gonna help you sell your house. Here’s the finished result:

remove stuff from photos

Fading the cloned area 

Use the Fade slider to let part of the original image show through. This can be a cool look if you’re going for something abstract or kind of trippy like a double exposure. We got this cool look by cloning the woman to the left of herself, then adjusting the Fade slider to make the cloned version look more transparent. 

use clone to make a double exposure

Make sure you’re cloning the correct layer

If your project is a multilayered work of art, be sure that you’re using the Clone tool on the correct layer. If you accidentally start to clone the wrong layer, no worries, just click Cancel and the mistake won’t apply.

how to use clone


Use the zoom control

For serious, attention-to-detail jobs, zoom way in so you can clone the teensy area you’re after. A good example of when this is useful is restoring old photos, such as removing stains or crease marks from someone’s face. Read more in Photo Restoration with PicMonkey


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  1. Avatar
    Leasa D 7 years ago

    oh yea~ I love to “Clone” !! bye-bye ugly patches of grass, wires and yes, also my thumb! Makes the world a little prettier~ and my photos amazing!!

    • Avatar
      lynn 7 years ago

      learning so much! never thought about cloning out all the wires in the sky!

  2. Avatar
    Kim 7 years ago

    Clone is my favorite tool…outside of crop. Then Burst!

    • Avatar
      Asmara 7 years ago

      You should try and contact them, Something isn’t right. I’ve purchased it months ago and it works fine.. I love it 🙂

      • Avatar
        Jennifer 7 years ago

        It may be your browser. I used to be able to use internet explorer, but now I have to use chrome or firefox, which I don’t mind anyway!

  3. Avatar
    Besha 7 years ago


  4. Avatar
    Erlyce 7 years ago

    My mother is blind in one eye. I always clone her good eye and paste it over her “bad” eye and presto…it looks great! My daughter is a plastic surgeon, and I always tease her that I’m a plastic surgeon without a knife!

  5. Avatar
    Hakan 7 years ago

    Dit is echt een goeie bewerk app!!

  6. Avatar

    thanks for the tutorial -would love to see more. I don’t know how to use Dodge or Burn -help!

    • Avatar
      Sharon Mom of 6 7 years ago

      Awesome!! Thank you for this tutorial! This is going to come in so handy, especially to touch up those OLD photos! I thought I’d have to get and learn Photoshop to do this kind of editing…Thanks again!! 🙂

  7. Avatar
    aya 7 years ago

    thanks fourt te play de picmonkey thanks bayee :* 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :*

  8. Avatar
    Sweet Ranine 7 years ago

    ohh , so cool !

  9. Avatar
    PAULINA 7 years ago


  10. Avatar
    CelineBEST 7 years ago

    Beste ever

    • Avatar
      PicMonkey 6 years ago

      Hi Stephanie. Clone can be found near the bottom of the Effects menu, and also in Touch Up near the bottom of that menu.

  11. Avatar
    Stephanie 7 years ago

    What happened to the clone tool? I can’t find it anywhere. It use to be with the make-up and he it shows that it’s under the Burn tool, but it’s not.

  12. Avatar
    Oh Donny Boy 7 years ago

    This is just what I’ve been looking for. Works great 10 out of 10.

  13. Avatar
    Nanx 7 years ago

    Hi all <3

  14. Avatar
    Max 7 years ago

    Trop bien ! 😀

  15. Avatar
    ljrose 7 years ago

    what a laugh

  16. Avatar
    nofearoffashion 7 years ago

    I have used Clone a lot but today it does not work. Bummer. #fail

  17. Avatar 7 years ago

    Pls need to knw hw edit my photos on dis site o

  18. Avatar
    Analiza Genavia 7 years ago

    Great ^-^

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar
    CT 6 years ago

    I love this except after you click on the area you want to clone, and you click on the area you want to get rid of, the “clone circle” continues to move, cloning other areas of the photo. This works for very small areas, but if you want to get rid of a car in front of a building, for example, it doesn’t work.

    • Avatar
      PicMonkey 6 years ago

      CT, we suggest clicking the blue “source” button to choose new patches to clone OFTEN. So you’d end up repeating this sequence many times: click-source button + click pic to choose source area + click in area you’re getting rid of

  21. Avatar

    I am new to photography also like to lean about photo editing,its very interesting and want to gain more knowledge. thank you so much

  22. Avatar
    T.S. 6 years ago

    Is it possible to clone something from one photo to another? Or can you Overlay, or somehow put a more flattering face of a person on another photo of that person?

  23. Avatar
    The Artist 6 years ago

    Is there a way to freeze the sourced spot so that it won’t clone everything on its way along with the paint circle?

  24. Avatar

    Thank you so much — I was using it completely wrong.

  25. Avatar
    Judy 5 years ago

    I really like being able to edit with picmonkey, but wonder why you can’t make the source static while you paint over the area you want to change? Why make it so we have to constantly pick a new source? I saw another program like that and it seemed so much easier.

    • PicMonkey Author
      PicMonkey 5 years ago

      Hey Judy,

      Thanks for the feedback, we’ll add it to the request list!

  26. Avatar
    paola 5 years ago


    I have a just quick question, is possible to clone from one picture to another? I can’t the way to do it and I’m getting really frustrated! It will be awesome if someone can answer.

    But overall I love Picmonkey! thanks guys

    • PicMonkey Author
      PicMonkey 5 years ago

      Hey Paola,

      All of our tools work within one image, so don’t sweat trying to master some special technique.

  27. Avatar
    Elaine 5 years ago

    I even “changed my blouse” using clone. I wanted a blouse that wasn’t holiday related to use in my blog and on fb. I found a place on the photo that worked and repeatedly clicked on it, and voila… I had a new blouse. Now I wish I really had one like it.

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