Teeth Whitening and Lip Tints

PicMonkey’s Touch Up effects give lips and teeth their due. So shine bright, stand out, and wear that smile with pride.

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Retouching Teeth

PicMonkey’s Touch Up effects put win in your grin with teeth whitening.

Simple photo editing tools for stunning smiles

A good smile takes a lot of work. You want one that’s nice but not too big; one that shows off teeth, but not big-bad-wolf style. Get that photo-finish smile with PicMonkey’s teeth whitening tool and endless lipstick adjustments.
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Teeth Whitening

Forget expensive dentistry and those dumb whitening strips: this tool makes teeth gleam in all your photos. Who’s to know the difference?

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Lip Tint

Wouldn’t it be great to have every shade of lipstick ever, for free? That’s Lip Tint. Play with new looks, or emphasize existing lip color.

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Double duty

Our tools are multi-talented: Lip Tint’s infinite shades can be used to recolor any part of an image, and Teeth Whiten can brighten eyes, too.

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A mouth full of pearly whites

Our Lip Tint and Teeth Whiten tools are so easy and effective, there’s no reason not to use them on like, every shot ever.

Teeth Whitening

To get pearly-whites looking their finest, set the Fade slider to zero so you can see where you’re applying. Then fade back down for a natural gleam.

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Lip Tint

How to get more tints out of Lip Tint? Meet your besties, the Intensity and Tone sliders. Adjust to transform single lipstick tones into a rainbow of options.

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