Teeth Whitening Photo Editor

Our photo teeth whitening photo editor makes it easy to combat every pearly white woe, from bad lighting to food and beverage stains.

Get started with our teeth whitening photo editor

Meet the ultimate teeth whitening photo editor. Easily apply whitening right where you want it, and adjust the fade for a natural look. Quickly negate bad lighting or years of quad macchiatos with a little targeted brushwork — no toothbrush required!

Whiten teeth

How to make teeth whiter in photos


Open your photo and click the Touch Up tab.


Click Teeth Whiten and set the Fade slider to zero.

Touch up

Use the brush & eraser to wax on, wax off.


Adjust the Fade slider ’til the teeth gleam, click Apply.

Lip tint to add some color

Make your beautiful smile pop even more with our Lip Tint tool. Nearly infinite shade options let you play up your natural lip color or try something new. Enhance or brighten the shade just a touch, or switch to full-on party mode. Lip Tint makes it easy to touch up and try different looks.

Apply lip tint

Try our mobile teeth whitening editor

Take your photo teeth whitening to-go with the PicMonkey mobile app! Our Whiten tool sparkle-izes your grin with the touch of a finger, so you can snap a selfie, edit, and share in seconds. All of the Touch Up features are free for subscribers, or you can unlock them all for a one-time fee of $1.99.