Create a Watermark for Your Images

Create a Watermark for Your Images
August 1, 2018 PicMonkey

Adding a watermark to your photo is your first line of defense when it comes to unauthorized use of the photo by someone who discovers it online. Also, watermarking photos offers a way to market your organization: the more times a viewer comes across your logo over a great photo, the more it will positively reflect and build your brand. Here are three ways to create and place watermarks on your photos. Open the editor to play along at home.

learn how to make a watermark like the one on this image of a girl walking through a field of wildflowers

Here’s the quick scoop on how to make a watermark:

  1. Use text and graphics to create a logo or use an existing one.
  2. Place your logo on a picture by adding it as your own graphic.
  3. Fade the transparency.
  4. Voila! Your photo is safe from thieves.

This article will also walk you through how to create your own watermark, adding that watermark to a photo, and adding watermarks from the PicMonkey mobile app.

How to make a watermark design

Wanna brand a bunch of your photos? Create one watermark on a transparent background and you can easily apply to all of them. Your watermarking will be more consistent, and you’ll have less finger fatigue.

1. Go transparent

step 1 of how to create a watermark is making your background transparent

Find Background Color in the Edits tab, and click the Transparent box.

2. Get creative

step 2 of how to create a watermark is to add text and graphics

Add text and graphics—whatever that creative brain of yours likes—to make a watermark that represents you and your brand. Need some inspo and more info? Check out our article about how to design a logo and peruse our design templates to see if any of our pre-made logos strike your fancy.

To add text, click the Text tab (Tt icon) and then the Add text button at the top of the menu. When you add text to pictures, try different typefaces to see which one works best for the letters in your name. Some typefaces have particular letters (like g’s) that are tricky to read. You want one that’s legible and reflects the personality of your brand.

Check out our menu of original graphics in the Graphics tab (the shapes icon) to see if one of them would be right for your watermark logo. You don’t have to use them as they are—check out our articles on logo design tips and making your own graphics for inspiration. You can also bring in images from elsewhere with the Add your own button at the top of the Graphics tab. If you don’t have an icon you adore, check out these free image resources to find something you like—just make sure to check the permissions so you know for sure if you can use them.

3. Crop

step 3 of how to create a watermark is to crop it down to size

Once you’ve got your watermark lookin’ right, click Crop in the Edits tab. Use the corner handles to crop your image tightly around the periphery of the logo.

4. Export

Once you’re done designing and cropping, click Export in the top toolbar, and be sure to export it as a “.png” file; this file format retains its transparency. Your image will also automatically be added to Hub, our smart storage platform, so you can easily pull it into any photo that you edit on PicMonkey.

PicMonkey Photo Editor

Bonus: Images in Hub can be re-edited later, so if you decide you wanna change up your watermark design, you can alter it on the quick.

Placing an existing watermark logo onto your photo

If you already have a logo, here’s how to go about adding it to your photos in PicMonkey.

1. Open your photo and logo in the Editor

step 4 of learning how to add a watermark to a photo is to open a photo

If you already have the editor open (like we do here, convenient much) click New in the top toolbar to open your image from anywhere. If you’re starting from the homepage, just click Create at the top left of your screen.

Click the Graphics tab, then click the Add your own button at the top of the panel. Open your watermark from wherever it’s stored and it’ll appear on your image.

2. Fade and place

In the Graphic palette, adjust the Fade slider until the logo is semi-transparent.

Place the watermark design to where you want it on the photo. (Tip: make sure you place your watermark in the same spot on all of your photos for consistency). You can adjust the size once the image is placed by dragging the corner handles inward or outward.

Add a watermark on PicMonkey mobile

Since you can also add your own stickers on the PicMonkey mobile app, you can add a watermark to your images on the go. (If your watermark is already stored in Hub, it makes it that much easier.)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tap Edit a photo to open your image in the app.
  2. Tap Edit to start editing.
  3. Head to the Stickers tab (the ghost icon) and choose your logo from your camera roll or Hub.
  4. Get your graphic in place and tap Opacity to adjust the fade.

You’re officially ready to start your watermarking spree.


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