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How to Make a PNG File that Keeps Backgrounds Transparent

When your project requires a transparent background image file for logos, or for printing on stationery or merchandise—t-shirts or mugs for instance—use our PNG maker tools to create the right kind of file.

What's a PNG file? It's an acronym for Portable Network Graphics and it was designed to be a high-quality, lossless file format. JPEG is another file format that compresses images nicely, but it doesn’t have a key feature of the PNG format: PNGs can maintain transparency.

If you’ve created a text-only image that you want to appear without the spaces between the letters, PNG is your go-to. Or if you’ve cut out the background behind a photo subject or an object and you want it to stay that way when you save the image, PNG is the file format you want. We’re going to show you how to create and save images as PNGs for both of those types of projects, in PicMonkey’s photo editing and design tools.

How to make a PNG for text without a background

  1. Open a blank canvas in the dimensions you desire. (See: convert inches to pixels)

  2. With your blank canvas in the PicMonkey editor, click the rainbow circle in the

    Background palette that appears to the side.

  3. Click the checkbox labeled “Transparent” under the color spectrum.

  4. Click the Text tab on the far left, add your text, and adjust as desired

  5. Click Download in the top toolbar and choose “PNG image” as the file type.

How to make a PNG for images without a background

The background remover tool in PicMonkey is available to Pro subscribers, and it's pretty darn magical for quickly creating transparent backgrounds under a pic.

Use the background remover tool to create a transparent background for an image

  1. Open an image in PicMonkey.

  2. Open the Layers palette and click Convert to layer on the background layer.

  3. Select the new photo layer and click Remove background in the Image palette.

  4. Click Download in the top toolbar and choose “PNG image” as the file type.

Learn more about the background remover tool: Automatic Background Remover, Plus Design Inspo!

Mock up your products with stock photos

It helps to get a clearer vision of what your finished design will look like if you create a mock up—that is, an image of your logo or branding on a product. This is really easy to do in PicMonkey because we have millions of stock photos from Unsplash for all subscribers, with a super-premium, all-inclusive library from iStock by Getty available to our Pro subscribers. Just search the stock video library for "________ mock up" as in, "bottle mock up" or "t-shirt mock up" or business card, ball cap, get the idea.

Add your PNG image on top, position and adjust, and now you have a pretty good idea of how your branding works on products. Download your work to share with the printer, or to upload to your ecommerce store.

Also see: How to Do Product Packaging Design for Your Business

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Sarah Gonzales is the content marketing manager at PicMonkey. Before this she worked at Intiut, and before that started a non-profit, and before that had a radio show, and before that worked at Ms. magazine, and before that went to UC Berkeley, and before ALL of that grew up in Alaska.