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Using Old PicMonkey? Find help here.

Using Old PicMonkey? Find help here.

How do I make a brand kit in PicMonkey?

A brand kit is like a portfolio of all your regularly-used fonts, logos, colors, graphics, and other assets. Once you add all your favorite design elements to your brand kit they will "follow you" around in PicMonkey, appearing at the top of palettes and panels. That means you'll never have to search for your often-used graphics or colors ever again.

This feature is available to Pro subscribers only. Learn more about Basic vs. Pro subscriptions.

An empty brand kit as it appears in Hub.

Create your brand kit in PicMonkey:

1. From the PicMonkey hompeage, click Brand Kit at the top of the left panel.

2. Click the "+" signs to add your favorite elements to each section.

Now when you design in PicMonkey, your brand's design elements will appear front and center.

A brand kit with assets added.

How do I remove an asset from my Brand Kit?

You can delete a logo, template, or graphic by clicking the three dot context menu in the top right when you hover over the thumbnail of that asset, and then clicking the trash can “delete” icon. You can also rename logos, templates, or graphics via this context menu.

To delete a color, click on the color to open the color palette, and click the trash can at the bottom of the palette.

To delete a font, click the pencil icon to edit the font, and then click “clear font style” at the bottom of the font palette.

How many fonts, logos, graphics, templates, and colors can I add?

You can add any number of color palettes, fonts, logos, graphics, and templates.

I do design work for several small business clients. Can I create multiple brand kits so that I have a brand kit for each client?

For now you can create one brand kit, but you can create multiple color palettes and select multiple fonts. If we hear from users that they wish to create multiple brand kits, we will consider building this functionality.

I already uploaded my custom fonts to PicMonkey. If I want these fonts to be my ‘Brand Fonts’ do I need to add them myself?

Yes, you must again upload your custom font to your brand kit.

If I create a brand kit as a Pro subscriber and later downgrade to a Basic subscription, can I access my Brand Kit?

No, Basic users to do not have access to Brand Kits. In this case, you will still see your Brand Kit assets in Hub and Editor but the assets will be grayed out, and not accessible. You will see a Pro badge next to all brand kit labels indicating that you need to renew your Pro subscription to access your Brand Kit and associated assets.

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