Get Halloween Stickers (and So Much More!) on Your Phone

Get Halloween Stickers (and So Much More!) on Your Phone
October 13, 2017 Sheree Whiteley

Halloween is practically here—and our new Halloween stickers are already here. The free PicMonkey mobile app is loaded up with all kinds of ghouly goodness, including original “Halloween clip art” (a.k.a. stickers in PicMonkey mobile land) that you can use to give a little or a lot of that eldritch vibe to your pics. Head to Stickers and tap the jack-o’-lantern icon, and you’ll find everything from pumpkins to cobwebs to neck bolts.

Add a mummy mask and other Halloween images to your baby with the PicMonkey mobile app.

As if that wasn’t enough super-cool seasonal stuff, we’ve also added two frightening fonts (Creepster and Nosifer) and six blood-curdling colors (Boo, Alien Ooze, Vampirella, Poison Apple, Cauldron, and Skelebone) to your mobile app experience. But you better get moving, because our Halloween mobile features are only around until November 7. So stretch out those fingers and get ready to have frightening amounts of photo fun.

How to use stickers in the PicMonkey mobile app

If the PicMonkey mobile app is new to you, here’s the lowdown on stickers: they’re essentially little bits of graphic magic that you can use to create different looks with your photos. You’ll always find a ton of ’em when you tap Stickers (the ghost icon) on the editing toolbar, and occasionally (like now) you’ll also find special packs of extra visual treats—but never any tricks.

You can shrink, enlarge, arrange, change colors, adjust the opacity, and re-edit stickers after you’ve applied them with the touch of a phalange. Tap Transform to rotate any sticker horizontally or vertically, or to duplicate it.

Getting creative with Halloween stickers

Now that you’ve got the sticker rundown, here are a few ideas on how to craft the spookiest looks:

This pumpkin color pop image is a perfect fit for PicMonkey's Halloween stickers.

  • Combine effects and stickers. Great pics and stickers are already quite the combo, but throw in a photo effect and you’ve got a trifecta for the ages. Convert your pic to black and white or sepia to make it feel old-timey-creepier, then pile on the stickers. You can also paint effects right where you want them with the paintbrush and eraser icons that display when you open an effect.

This black dachshund puppy gets a Halloween makeover with devil horns and flame stickers in the PicMonkey mobile app.

  • More is more. Our Halloween stickers are great by themselves, but they also play nicely with the non-seasonal stickers. Transform your pet into the lord of the underworld with devil horns and flames; or create a haunted landscape with headstones, cobwebs, lightning bolts, and clouds.

This hipster man is transformed into Frankenstein with PicMonkey's draw tool and Halloween stickers.

  • Draw + Stickers = Halloween magic. Our Draw tool is extra fun on the mobile app, because it basically turns your fingers into markers. Wanna top off the Frankenstein hair and neck bolt stickers? Try covering your subject in a green hue with Draw, then adjusting the opacity, like we did in our article about creating virtual kid costumes with Draw.


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