Social Media Image Sizes on the PicMonkey Mobile App

Did you know that the free PicMonkey mobile is chock-full of pre-sized blank canvases ready to perfectly fit anything you want to make for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and more? It surely is! Take a look at these real-world scenarios of how you can use our pre-sized cropping dimensions in your virtual world. Don't have the app yet?

Make right-sized Instagram posts with 8 sizes

Instantly create posts for Instagram that are the right size and ready to post.

Choose from eight different Instagram sizes: Profile, Post, Landscapes, Portraits, Stories, Story Highlights Covers, and IGTV Cover Photo

Tips: For this shot of the Basilica of San Francisco de Asis in Havana, Cuba, we used the Rapture effect to make our photo more…well…rapturous. We also used Clarity in Adjustments to bring out the texture of those 400-year-old bricks and add some definition to the clouds and birds hovering over the steeple.

Choose from 4 Twitter image sizes

Twitter is all about immediacy, so it’s essential you get that tweet up fast, before it becomes obsolete. Let’s say you’re at a ballgame, march, or protest and you want to capture the scene and let your followers know you’re there. Not only can you crop your photo to the perfect tweet size, but you can also add effects and adjustments to make it stand out in people’s crowded feeds.

Choose from Twitter image sizes: Post, Profile, Cover Photo, and Lead Generation

Tips: We used both the Lush and Aloha effects to boost the colors of the woman’s wreath and give her skin tone some richness, then added Brightness to make the whole picture a little lighter. We also used Blur to make the back of the man’s head appear further in the background and put the focus on our main subject.

9 Facebook image sizes from covers to ads to posts

How many times have you taken a great shot and thought, “Wow that would make an awesome Facebook cover.” But then you forget all about it and two years pass and you still have that same shot of you holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa with your bare hands as your cover. Well, those days are about to end! You can regularly update your cover photos by using our handy Facebook crop size, and make a lot more right-sized images, too.

Choose from Facebook image sizes: Post, Profile Image, Personal Cover, Page Cover, Story, Group Cover, Event Cover, Carousel Ad, and Ad

Tip: You can’t do much better than a color run for striking imagery with lots of bold, bright, beautiful colors. That said, our Lush effect never fails to make even a great shot that much better. We added about 85% Lush and let the hands tell the rest of the story.

Pin 3 ways with pre-sized Pinterest blanks

Sometimes, a great pin just can’t wait. If you capture an image or have a novel idea for a new pin, you don’t have to set it aside until you have some quality time with your laptop. Go ahead and snap the pic, use our mobile app to dress it up with effects, graphics and text, and post it to Pinterest. Then you can go back at your leisure to add links or whatever other changes you want to make.

Choose from Pinterest image sizes: Pin, Promoted Pin, and Square Pin

Tips: We decided to use some geometrical shape stickers in the blank space at the top of the image to add visual interest and make a great background for our text. We rotated the hexagons slightly and played with their opacity, then added our text on top using the Komika Axis and Glacial Indifference fonts.

Proactive promotions

Imagine you’re sitting at your vegetable stand at the local farmer’s market one Sunday morning wondering where all your regular customers are. Did they forget that this was opening day of the season? Or are they off buying their radicchio and rutabaga from the fancy new stand down the way? Instead of brooding over your misfortune and worrying about your slowly rotting tomatoes, take action by putting together a quick ad with our mobile app and posting it to your Facebook page. You’re sure to get a late afternoon rush of veggie buyers in no time.

Tips: We made this eye-catching ad with the 2 x 1 crop, which is perfect for Facebook ads. First we applied the Aloha effect to intensify the colors of the tomatoes. Then we added a series of squares from Stickers. In order to get the nice white bordering effect and to ensure that your text lands on the colored square, be sure to add a Meringue square first, then a square in Kickball, then another in Meringue, and another in Kickball.

Profile pic

You never know when or where your most awesome selfie will be taken. At the grocery store, in the waiting room of your dentist’s office, on the subway in New York City going from Columbus Circle to Coney Island. Wherever it happens, it deserves to be posted right away. And it also deserves the full treatment with our special effects and adjustments.

Tips: This portrait was cropped with the 1 x 1 size, so it’s all ready to post to any social site. We used a bit of Orton (because everything’s better with Orton) and Intrepid to give it an urban feel. Then we jacked up the Clarity to highlight the woman’s features, from the individual strands of her blue hair to her perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

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