How to Design Graphics for Your Videos

How to Design Graphics for Your Videos

3, 2, 1… Action!

Your video productions are an art, so make ‘em beautiful. When your videos are gorrrrrrrgeous, your viewers are sure to keep their eyes on the screen until the very end. Guaranteed. A great way to make your videos nice and purdy is to add graphics to them. Some viewers are good listeners, some need visuals. So let’s take a look at how to design some attractive graphics for your vids.

Funky text

Try to stay away from the same old fonts that come with your video editing software. Head on over to PicMonkey for a more exciting selection. If you like what you see, pick one or two … or three, and add text where you’d like it to appear on your video screen.

Logos and Layers

Two awesome things about PicMonkey: you can create your own logo and you have Layers to help you. Don’t know about the Layers palette? Learn about it here. Create greatness by combining Overlays and Text. You can design the logo you’ve always dreamed of, and use it in your videos in many different ways.

Custom graphics

Who said a red cup overlay needs to be a red cup overlay forever? No one, no one said that. If you want to create a graphic that you don’t see, use existing ones to help you! Watch the video above to learn how.

Pro-tip: Geometric overlays are the bomb-dot-com. Use them to transform existing graphics into whatever you wish.  

Fabiola Landa
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