Make Video Graphics and Boost Your Views

Make Video Graphics and Boost Your Views
October 24, 2017 Fabiola Landa

3, 2, 1 … Action!

When your videos are gorrrrrrrgeous, your viewers are sure to keep their eyes on the screen until the very end. Adding graphics not only makes your videos more aesthetically pleasing and captivating, but it also makes important information more digestible. Let’s take a look at how to design some attractive video graphics.

Design tips for video graphics

To start designing custom video graphics, head to and hover over Design. Use the Custom size or Blank canvas options and set up a canvas with the same dimensions as your video, in pixels. A lot of videos are 1280 x 720 pixels—if that’s the size you need, you can use our readymade blank YouTube thumbnail canvas.

Once your canvas is ready to roll, the fun part begins! Use our graphics (a.k.a. graphics) and fonts to create stunning video graphics—you’ll find ’em in the Graphics and Text tabs. Here are a couple tips to help you make the best graphics around, in no time.

Play with fonts

You’ll find a bunch of different fonts in the Text tab in the PicMonkey Editor—use one (or a few) to make stunning video graphics. You can even use any font saved to your computer with our tools! Not sure which fonts look good together? Check out our article about font pairing, and make some texty goodness in no time.

Customize graphics

Graphics are customizable vector graphics. You’ll find everything from arrows and speech bubbles to mustaches and hearts in the Graphics tab. Use them as-is or change the colors, erase parts of them, and transform them into something else. Because who said a red cup graphic needs to be a red cup graphic forever? No one, no one said that.

And if you want to use your own images as graphics, you can do that, too! Just click the Add your own button at the top of the Graphics tab, choose your image, and voila! It’ll appear on your canvas, ready to be turned into a killer video graphic.

Get more done, faster

Wanna make video graphics even faster? Use the Layers palette to quickly access, delete, and reorder your design elements. You can also duplicate graphics and text boxes by right-clicking.

Super duper mega important step: Once your graphics are lookin’ good, head to Canvas Color in the Basic Edits tab and click the Transparent canvas box. When you export your graphics to your computer, make sure that .png appears next to your file’s name on the Save screen. This helps ensure that your graphics appear backgroundless.

YouTube video graphics and more

YouTubers! In addition to fun graphics for your videos, you can also make polished channel art in no time. Start with a blank canvas, a photo, or one of our templates—you’ll find templates for everything from thumbnails to covers to ads. Create one-of-a-kind looks with text, graphics, effects, and textures, and for tips on how to make your channel look its best, check out our article about making a kickin’ YouTube banner.


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