YouTube Channel Art Maker

YouTube channel art maker tools at PicMonkey

Make spectacular YouTube channel art that hooks viewers and builds your channel. Start with a template, or check our YouTube posts size chart to begin designing yourself. Give your channel an added layer of professionalism and watch as your views multiply. Start for free today!

YouTube channel art maker tools at PicMonkey

How to create YouTube channel art

Select a YouTube channel art template

Choose a YouTube channel art template that matches your channel style. Search our templates by keyword or interest. Try "lifestyle" or "fitness" or "real estate" or even try searching for colors you like.

Customize your channel art template

Make your channel art template your very own when you add text, graphics, your logo, and other images to the design. Try filters on your photos for a unique look, or use cool fonts and text effects like curve, drop shadow, or outline on your words.

Export your finished design

When your design is looking fabulous, download it to your computer, or export directly to YouTube from PicMonkey. Your work always auto-saves in our cloud storage so you can return to it again to edit or make a new copy.

Publish your channel art

Upload your YouTube channel art designs to your YouTube channel and instantly appear like a well-branded professional. Give your whole channel a cohesive look with branded covers, thumbnails, icons, and more.

Make YouTube Channel Art with blank canvases

When you want total design flexibility, start with a pre-sized blank canvas. Add photos, graphics, and text, then use alignment grids to arrange ’em perfectly.

Don’t stop there! Refine your YouTube channel art design with drop shadows, outlines, masking, and eye-popping effects.

YouTube channel art design with PicMonkey effects applied.
YouTube channel art design with PicMonkey effects applied.
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Make YouTube channel art in the PicMonkey app

Create YouTube banners, icons, and thumbnails in the free PicMonkey mobile app. Start with your own image or a blank canvas, and you’re on your way.

With PicMonkey mobile, you can add graphics, format text, and edit images just as you do on your desktop.

PicMonkey mobile app windows

More YouTube image dimensions in pixels

Social media image typeDimensions in Pixels
YouTube Banner / Cover2560 x 1440
YouTube Thumbnail1280 x 720
YouTube Channel icon800 x 800
YouTube Display Ad300 x 250
YouTube Display Ad Long300 x 60
YouTube Overlay Ad480 x 70

Create YouTube channel art that gets noticed

phaster fitness YouTube banner
Make YouTube channel art

Banner, cover art, channel art — whatever you want to call it, here’s everything you need to know about making it.

graphics to videos image
Add graphics to your videos

Give your videos more flare and visual interest by adding attention-grabbing title cards and gorgeous graphics.

YouTube banner comp
Make a YouTube thumbnail

Thumbnails are essential for driving click-through, and we can show you how to make yours supremely clickable.

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