YouTube Profile Size: Your 2021 Guide

YouTube recommends an image size of 800 x 800 pixels. Your image will be square, but YouTube will crop it further, into a circle.

YouTube might’ve started as a place for video dating profiles, but it quickly transformed into a video-hosting platform for anyone and everyone. Since YouTube is home to billions of users, any brand’s account must stand out. Competition’s stiff, and brands who cut corners with their channel design and content in hopes of achieving lightning-fast virality won’t find it at all.

You need a plan. Obviously, the bulk of this plan should be focused on creating actionable content geared toward your desired audience. Just don’t put channel design on the backburner. A captivating YouTube profile is the first step in capturing avid viewers. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide on how to design YouTube profile images using PicMonkey and to ensure that you always have the correct YouTube profile size.

A few helpful notes before we get started:

  1. YouTube profile images are also called YouTube channel icons. We’ll use both interchangeably in this guide.

  2. You might be asking yourself: Isn’t my YouTube channel icon the same as my Gmail image? Yes, if you’re using a personal YouTube account. In order to be able to alter your icon (without changing your Gmail image), you need to create a Brand Account.

Okay, ready to make YouTube channel icons with PicMonkey?     

Create a YouTube channel icon with a pre-sized blank canvas

A great place to start your design is by using one of PicMonkey’s pre-sized blank canvases. That’s right, we’ve already sized a canvas to 800 x 800px, just for you! When you’re in the editor, click Create new > Blank Canvas > YouTube Channel Icon.

Pro tip: When you take advantage of a canvas, you can immediately get started customizing it to match your brand. Upload your own logo or image. If you’d like to apply a background color first, use the Background palette. You can also click Text to explore different fonts and see how text effects look against your background. 

Crop an image to the right YouTube profile size

If you already have an image or business logo that you’d like to use, we can help you resize it with our Crop Canvas tool. This will maintain the integrity of your image while scaling it down to 800 x 800px. After you’ve uploaded a high-resolution image, hit Crop Canvas and set your Aspect Ratio to YouTube Channel Icon. Then, just position the crop frame where you want it and click Apply. If your image already has the right aspect ratio but is simply too small or too large, use our Resize tool. Click Edits > Resize.

Pro tip: When it comes to YouTube channel icons, you don’t have an overwhelming amount of room. You also need to consider what a channel icon looks like on YouTube. It’s circular. Account for the crop while you design so that you don’t have to return to the drawing board later.

More YouTube image sizes (2021)

Social media image typeDimensions in Pixels
YouTube Banner / Cover2560 x 1440
YouTube Thumbnail1280 x 720
YouTube Channel icon 800 x 800
YouTube Display Ad300 x 250
YouTube Display Ad Long300 x 60
YouTube Overlay Ad480 x 70

                                      Need sizes for other social media accounts?

Continue branding your YouTube channel

Take pride in your YouTube channel icon! Since it’s one of the first things that viewers will see, you want it to be brand-centric and easy on the eyes. Commit this to memory — icons are just as important as channel art. We suggest looking for ways to make your channel art and icon function together. 

This means complementary texts and colors. When in doubt, err on the side of minimalism. Less is more. You don’t have a lot of space in your icon design, so a clean and concise image is always the best option.

Check out more pre-made design templates to customize your channel:

Many brands opt to use their logos — if you need to create one, try our logo templates. Others feature products. Small businesses might go for something a little more personal. If your business is just you, maybe your icon is a picture of yourself. No matter the route you go, strive to create something purposeful. Your future flourishing YouTube account will appreciate it!

Light up your YouTube graphics with a PicMonkey subscription. 

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