5 Reasons You’ll Love the PicMonkey iPad App

We heard you, tablet-loving members of the PicMonkey community. You asked us for a way to create stunning images on your iPad, and we thought, “Hey, that’s a great idea. iPad screens are pretty much perfect for editing images. And why should computers and phones have all the fun, anyway?” And so now you can get creative anytime, anywhere, on any of your devices—your iPad, phone, or desktop, that is. We’ve rounded up five things we think you’re gonna double extra love about our iPad app, so that you have something exciting to read while it installs.

1. Get your pics on your iPad, fast

Getting photos onto your iPad can be a drag. But with Hub, you can easily take your pics from your phone to your iPad to your computer, or your computer to your iPad to your phone, or whatever combination of technological devices you wanna go with. No more emailing files to yourself or dealing with iCloud storage—just tap Hub from the photo source options that appear when you open the PicMonkey app on your phone or iPad. Behold! Every fantastic image you’ve saved to Hub is right there, waiting for you. When you’re done, choose Hub as your save option, and you’ll instantly be able to access your masterpiece and continue editing on your phone, iPad, or computer.

2. Draw on pictures with ease (and your Apple Pencil!)

What’s so great about our Draw tool? It’s a total creativity enabler! You can make anything—from simple circles that call out important parts of your pics, to entire virtual costumes—in no time. Draw is lots of fun on PicMonkey.com, and it’s a grand ole time on your phone with the mobile app, but, if we have to play favorites, we’ll say that Draw is totally tops on the iPad. Not only is the iPad perfect for drawing on photos, with its lightweight design and big screen and all, but you can also go full-on artist with your Apple Pencil. Which means you can draw on pictures with an unparalleled level of control, and transform them into gallery-worthy works of art.

Speaking of your magical pencil, you can also use it to paint photo effects and adjustments right where you want them, apply stickers, and work other bits of image editing magic in the PicMonkey app.

3. Preview it yuuuuuge

Wondering which of the 72 pics of your pet ferret is the one you want to edit? Don’t squint at the teensy thumbnail display—open the PicMonkey app on your iPad, tap a pic, then get a better look when it grows to the size of your iPad screen. Not the image you’re searching for? Just swipe left or right to preview the next photo in the lineup. And when you do find the right ferret photo, tap Edit to start its transformation.

4. Organize in seconds with Folders

We know, we know—organizing photos can be a real drag. That’s why we created Collections, an easy-peasy way to keep all of your PicMonkey masterpieces in order. And now you can create, add photos to, and remove photos from folders right on your iPad. When you have an image open in the PicMonkey app and you’re ready to stash it, tap Add to and choose from your existing folders, or make a new folder. If you want to open a pic that’s already part of a folder, tap Hub when you open the app, then tap Collections at the top of the screen. You can also remove images and add them to different folders supa fast.

5. Enjoy more creative real estate

Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to making fantabulous images on the go, big screens are pretty helpful. Editing your photos on your iPad lets you see all those teeny tiny details, without having to bust out your computer or squint at your phone screen. Paint photo effects and adjustments exactly where you want them, apply touch up tools to the right parts of your portraits, and use snap alignment to master your text placement. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to edit on a bigger mobile screen—especially with a couple little insider tips.

Getting the shot is only the first half. Pick up where your camera left off with a PicMonkey membership.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make powerful images that level up your business.