Fresh Ideas for Monograms

Monograms are a stylish way to personalize all kinds of things—from letterhead and clothing to thank-you cards. Today we’ll show you how to overlap, stack, and combine your initials in fresh, new ways so that you can make a personalized work of art. Take a look at these design ideas, open a blank canvas in PicMonkey, and start creating your own monogram masterpiece.

Blank space

Take a look at the fonts in the Text tab (you can even use your own fonts with our tools!). Once you find the font you love, it’s time to design.

Don’t be afraid to break away from the traditional monogram look—you know, that super-scrolly-letter design you’d expect to find on hand towels. Treat your letters like pieces of a puzzle and play with them by adjusting the size, placement, and even color until you find the right fit. And remember, negative (a.k.a. white) space provides balance to your design, so having some of that isn’t a bad thing. For more on using both positive and negative space, see our article about graphic design tips for non-designers.

Graphic + text

Select an Graphic and make it part of the monogram magic. The Scrapbooky group has plenty of graphics that work well for monograms, like banners, labels, and ribbons. If you’re not finding the perfect graphic, just use your creativity (and the Eraser in the Graphic palette) to turn an existing graphic into something new. If it’s examples you seek, check out a few graphic transformations in in our article about making your own graphics.

Now get fancy with a curvy font like Princess Sofia, and overlap your letters for a cool effect.

Business or personal

Wanna get your brand poppin’? Consider placing your monogram on your business cards, website, blog, or social networks. Your branding needs eye-catching visuals, and that’s where your fabulous new monogram comes in.

Wanna see how just easy it is to make a monogram? Take a look at our tutorial to learn how to make your monogram in three simple steps.

Now that you have plenty of monogram inspo and info, go make something beautiful!

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