30 Website Color Schemes: What’s Turning Heads in 2021

Color is an exceptionally important piece of the design puzzle. We’ve talked about color theory in the past and explored how different colors elicit different emotions. For businesses, colors are part of your brand’s identity. They say something to your audience about who you are and can affect how others perceive your website. 

No two color schemes are alike, and it’d be irresponsible to say that “ABC scheme” is guaranteed to work over “XYZ” no matter what. Instead, we’ve compiled inspo to get you thinking about your own website colors this year. To make things even simpler, we’ve organized our examples into easily navigable categories. Click on one using the table of contents below, or start from the top and work your way downward.

Minimalistic website color scheme ideas

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

It’s simple, and sometimes simple is the best option. Black, white, and a burnt orange inform this design. Adding the drill’s harsh aluminum and dirty red only make this color scheme more effective. What traditionalists might think of as “male dominant” colors are instead used for a female-driven design.

The less is more mantra plays well in this color scheme. A charcoal gray (that grows darker as we travel down the page), black, and white all come together to create a refined, minimalistic look.

A primary color-dominant scheme is a popular choice among designers and, particularly, minimalists. Why? Because it works. Like in this design, where blue and white live together as a happy couple.  

Bold website color scheme ideas

“The doors will be opened to those bold enough to knock.” — Tony Gaskins

Richness and saturation aren’t the only things that inform bold colors. The multi-layered combination of colors on this site is striking. It effectively employs a diverse palette of pastels. 

This one’s probably the type of “bold” you were originally thinking of when you saw For boldies. Vibrant orange, green, and yellow work like spokes in the same wheel against a gray background. White and black also have parts to play, but we know what our eyes are really drawn toward.   

What’s worth noting with Shelf Engine’s design is the bold contrast between black and teal. The design team has effectively chosen colors that pleasantly differentiate enough to make the site’s key images leap off the page.  

Futuristic website color scheme ideas

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” — Peter F. Drucker

For Daily Bloom, the future is now. A radiant orange, mixed with a luscious purple and dark blue and green create something futuristic. The apparent white text accentuates the bold, visionary colors behind it.    

Like Daily Bloom, EarCOUTURE uses a spectrum of colors to propel us into the future. In fact, it’s this mixture of primary and secondary colors — red, blue, yellow, green, black, white — and their accompanying hues that create spectacle; something we haven’t seen, something unknown. Something futuristic.

Neon colors highlight this futuristic design. Particularly, a reflective, neon orange that contrasts well with the black backdrop and white text. Subtle tones of blue and purple mesh with the orange.

Mellow website color scheme ideas

“Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we’re frantic, life will be frantic. If we’re peaceful, life will be peaceful.” — Marianne Williamson

United Earth Space Force’s color palette is serene, alternating between a dominant off-white and earthly blue. Each color gets its time in the spotlight.

There’s nothing more chill than being full of optimism and delight, which is exactly what the color yellow can symbolize. This design takes that to heart, incorporating a friendly, macaroni-and-cheese-esque golden-yellow hue that, when coupled with minimal tones of red, white, and a dash of seafoam green, is relaxing and welcoming.  

Not only is reading a totally chill activity, but UBook’s color scheme is inviting. The warm colors brought forward by someone reading pair nicely with a calming black and white. Why would you ever want to feel stressed out when reading? UBook makes sure to address this with its website color scheme.  

Professional website color scheme ideas

“Without professionalism I’d be an amateur. And the clients I want don’t hire amateurs.” — David Airey 

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things professional, and this color scheme does just that. It’s a basic black and white, influenced by refined tones of brown from the home’s interior design. The result is a site that’s both professional and elegant, exactly what you want when selling homes.  

Subdued color choices come together to provide a look that’s polished and professional. 

More housing, more professionalism. This website design employs an array of lightly toned colors against a white backdrop. Despite the intentional clutter, it’s a sophisticated look. The orange in Proto Homes logo also works well when used in the “Talk to Us” CTA.    

Eclectic website color scheme ideas

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” — Jack London

This color palette channels its inner-90s kid with a backdrop of rich green, canvas of white, and peppering of pink, orange, yellow, and light blue. It’s a blast from the not-too-far-away past that works.

The gray backdrop accentuates a zany compilation of colors from teal to blue to yellow to orange to red to burgundy. However, they work in harmony because of the intentional contrast. 

Lots of cool things going on with Goliath. A lot going on, in general. Ultimately, the design features a heavy mix of primary blue, red, and yellow. Multiple shades of green, along with salmon, finish the design and leave us with a retro look reminiscent of the 1990s.    

Naturalistic website color scheme ideas

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein

Jump paints a picture (quite literally) with cool blue and soft white tones. The real stars of the show, though, are the warm hues of orange, salmon, and red, which transport us to this scenic location. 

Beauty is very much an earthly concept, and this website color scheme embodies that with rich green and earthly tones, along with an eclectic mix of vibrancy that pops against the natural colors.   

Rudolph Care's luxury sun-friendly beauty products are accentuated by a balanced blend of neutral tones, along with a rich, contrasting orange.  

Sophisticated website color scheme ideas

“True class can never receive the highest grade...for its grade is endless.” — Denise Newsome

Notice two different types of white used in this website design. The contrast adds classiness, in tandem with the subtlety of the flowers’ stained yellow centers. A clean black backdrop refines the image and sells sophistication.  

Dark colors are pros at eliciting luxury and sophistication. They blend well together. Such is the case with this design, where a solid black meshes with brown and an off-white. Subtle traces of teal add to the sophisticated look.  

Nocta proves that classiness doesn’t have to stem from complexity. Black, gold, and a contrasting white work in unity here for a design that’s both refined and elegant.  

Artistic website color scheme ideas

“Drawing is vision on paper.” — Andrew Loomis

What’s unique about this color scheme is its back-to-basics approach. Simple uses of black, golden-brown, and the kin of magenta and violet go well with a similarly modest illustration.

Vibrant colors that speak to the earth and nature help create a super compelling design. In a matter of seconds, we’re transported to the picturesque view of a rural town nestled within a vast mountain range. Credit this visual experience to its authentic color palette. 

Like Mount In, Master makes use of authentic and vibrant colors that liven its illustration. The serene teal of the sea against the light brown of the mountains create a welcoming atmosphere, and one worthy of joining.

Clean website color scheme ideas

“Cleanliness can be defined as the purest emblem of the mind.” — Joseph Addison

Clean colors make TIDES’ website design a homerun. Blue and black complement each other spectacularly. The addition of white amongst the blue contributes to the clean look (not to mention, the blue’s design harkens to a river or stream). A squiggle of yellow adds emphasis. 

Another simple and effective palette here. Dark teal and black complement each other well. The white text is a clean design choice. Together, these colors create something delicate and balanced. 

There is stuff happening in this design with the DNA helix and accompanying dots scattered about the page, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t clean. In terms of coloring, this scheme is clean to the max, primarily making use of just two colors: white and red.  

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