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Website color scheme examples, from minimalistic to bold to relaxing and more.

30 Website Color Schemes to Help You Make Your Own Color Palette

You want good ideas for website color schemes, and we want to show you 30 cool website color schemes...
The color wheel, a fundamental way to understand color theory.

Use Color Theory to Choose the Best Colors for Your Designs

Learn the color wheel and get a compendium of color schemes for creating your next design.
color combination schemes

100 Color Combinations for All Your Design Needs

Check out 100 different amazing color combinations and get inspo for your next big project.
Color continuum - part of PicMonkey's color picker tool for getting the exact color in your design.

Get an Exact Color Using Color Pickers, Hex Codes, and More

Red is red, but is this red really red? Learn how to specify an exact color in your designs.
Color meanings

Color Meanings: A Guide to Choosing Color Based on Symbolism

Dive into the complex world of color with all the info and examples to get you started.
Pastel colors

What are Pastel Colors and How Do I Use Them?

Discover all you need to know about pastel colors and how to use them.
monochromatic color schemes

How to Use Monochromatic Colors in Your Designs

Learn about monochromatic colors, then check out several different monochromatic color schemes.
Create a color palette for your brand

Create a Brand Color Palette

Learn how to create a color palette that visually extends your brand.

Choosing a Color Palette for Your Marketing Materials

Wanna know why colors matter, and how to choose the right ones for your marketing materials? Then ch...

Use Your Color Palette with Our Design Templates

Make super profesh looking cards, invites, social media posts, and more when you combine your color ...

Fashion Week Wisdom from PicMonkey CEO Jonathan Sposato

Live every day like it's fashion week with advice and tips from PicMonkey's very own, very dapper Jo...

Propaganda Posters From All Over the World to Inspire Your Design

Propaganda posters can inspire even non-evil designers. We show you how with a roundup of state-sanc...