Standard photo print sizes

Trying to convert your digital image pixels into cold, hard, printable inches? See our conversion charts below, and check out the Resize, Crop, and Smart Resize tools that make creating standard photo print sizes fast and easy. Start photo editing for free today!

Get your printing proportions just right using PicMonkey to create the most popular standard photo print sizes in inches:

  • 3x5

  • 4x6

  • 5x7

  • 8x8

  • 8x10

  • 8.5x11

  • 9x16

  • 11x14

  • 11x16

To learn more about standard photo sizes for printing, check out:

Standard photo print sizes: Convert pixels to inches

  • To convert the size of an image in inches into pixels, just multiply the number of inches in your intended print size by 300 to find the pixel dimensions (assuming your printer is set at the standard 300 dots per inch).

  • For example, 3 x 5 inches becomes 900 x 1500 pixels.

  • If you’re using the metric system and want to convert centimeters to pixels, multiply the number of centimeters by 118.11.

Pixels to Inches Chart

3 x 5900 x 1500
4 x 61200 x 1800
5 x 71500 x 2100
8 x 82400 x 2400
8 x 10 2400 x 3000
8.5 x 112550 x 3300
9 x 162700 x 4800
11 x 143300 x 4200
11 x 163300 x 4800

Resize an image in PicMonkey

  1. Click the Edits tab (the top icon in the blue column on the left).

  2. Select the Resize tool.

  3. Enter the pixel dimensions.

  4. Click Apply.

Click the chain icon to keep proportions the same, and you'll only need to enter dimensions in one of the boxes — PicMonkey figures out the rest.

Crop an image in PicMonkey

  1. Open the Edits tab.

  2. Select Crop Canvas.

  3. Select a preset size, or enter your own dimensions.

  4. Click Apply.

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Standard photo print sizes: Convert ISO to pixels

This chart gives you international standard print sizes. A0 is one square meter and each consecutive size is half the size of the one before it. ISO standard print sizes are used less frequently in the U.S. and Canada, although some sizes are common for specific things. For example, A7 is the size of a note card.

Convert ISO to pixels

A09933 x 14043
A17016 x 9933
A24961 x 7016
A33508 x 4961
A42480 x 3508
A51748 x 2480
A61240 x 1748
A7874 x 1240
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