Perfect the Art of Pinterest Pin Sizes

Perfect the Art of Pinterest Pin Sizes
May 3, 2017 PicMonkey

Pinterest is a beautiful, crowded world of DIY projects to tackle, recipes to make, and put-together outfits to wear. Images aren’t just king on this social media platform—they’re the supreme alien rulers of the entire galaxy. We’ve put together this at-a-glance guide to Pinterest image sizes to help you create pins that are outta this world. Get that good stuff and some quick tips below. Once you’ve become a pro pin crafter, up your social media knowledge even more with our guides to Facebook and Twitter image sizes.

This guide to Pinterest pin sizes, Pinterest profile photo size, and more will help you perfect your Pinterest image game.

Here are a few other pinteresting things that can help your images stand out:

  • To make sure your images are a pinnable size, open them in the Editor and find Crop in the Basic Edits tab. You’ll notice a handy drop-down menu, with Pinterest pin as a preset crop option.
  • Wanna make a stylin’ pin on the quick? PicMonkey has a whole mess of professionally crafted, perfectly sized Pinterest pin templates that you can customize as much or as little as you like. To check them out, type “Pinterest” into the search area in Templates or click the Pinterest tag.
  • The aspect ratio for pins is 2:3 to 1:3.5.
  • Long pins stand out and get attention. Just keep ’em under 2,061 pixels tall, if your pin is the maximum width of 736 pixels. Pins that are too tall get cut off on mobile.
  • If you haven’t heard of rich pins, take a look at Pinterest’s Rich Pin page. The different types make it easier for users to download, buy, watch, read, and a lot of other stuff right from Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is a tutorial haven. From recipes to hairstyles, you can learn just about anything from a well-crafted instructional graphic on Pinterest. To create an informational pin of your own that eyeballs will adore, check out this article about using our collage tool to show a process.
  • While Pinterest is all about the images, detailed descriptions are also important. Pinterest advises that descriptions “mention the most compelling aspects of the idea, plus include any details that’ll help someone realize this Pin’s for them.”


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