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Your Guide to Pinterest Pin Sizes

Use Pinterest templates to create beautiful pins to share.

Pinterest is a beautiful, bountiful world of DIY projects to tackle, recipes to make, and put-together outfits to wear. Images aren’t just king on this social media platform — they’re the supreme rulers of galaxy. Get that good stuff and some quick tips below. Once you’ve become a pro pin crafter, up your social media knowledge even more with our guides to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram image sizes.

Pinterest pin sizes

Square Pin1000 x 1000
Standard Pin1000 x 1500 (2:3 ratio)
Promoted Pin1000 x 1500

Best practices and inspiration for rocking Pinterest pins

  • Think vertical when creating a pin. Pinterest recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio for your pins, although square also works.

  • We have loads of pre-made, designer-approved Pinterest Templates ready for you to customize.

  • While Pinterest is all about the images, detailed descriptions are also important. Pinterest advises that descriptions “mention the most compelling aspects of the idea, plus include any details that’ll help someone realize this Pin’s for them."

Create infographics for Pinterest

Use Pinterest templates like these to easily create infographics.

Pinterest is a tutorial haven. From recipes to hairstyles, you can learn just about anything from a well-crafted instructional graphic on Pinterest. Pins + infographics are a match made in heaven. Learn how to make an infographic here.

Use Pinterest for business

  • Got a business you’re trying to drum up pinterest for? (That’s the last one, we promise!) Check out these helpful tips.

  • Plus, we’ve got the intel for how to ace your Pinterest business page.

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