Simple Guide to Twitter Image Sizes

When Twitter began, it was more about #, @, and character limits than images. These days, though, Twitter images are where it’s at. In fact, Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without.

Since trying to keep all of the different image requirements for each social media platform straight can lead to migraines and shortness of breath, we’ve created a frequently updated table of current social media sizes. Because we’re givers, we also have some tips for tweeting, and a whole lotta designer-crafted, fully customizable Twitter templates to make your page and your posts super stylish.


Image typePixel dimensions
Profile400 x 400
Lead Generation Card800 x 320
Cover / header 1500 x 500
Post1024 x 512

Use images on Twitter for max visibility:

  • Use your Twitter header image to humanize your brand with behind-the-scenes images, or showcase your product/service.

  • Your Twitter profile image will display at a 1:1 ratio, so make sure to upload a square image.

  • You can optimize your web content with an assortment of Twitter cards, which format your content in different ways.

  • Summary cards pair your image with a large, clickable image that leads to your site. Learn more about the different types of Twitter cards and how to use them on Twitter’s card types page.

  • Twitter allows up to four images per tweet. Get more content in front of your followers by adding multiple images, which Twitter will then organize into a collage. Or make your own using our Twitter templates and send it into the Twitterverse.

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