Use a PicMonkey Pinterest Template to Create a Primo Pin

More than any other social networking site, Pinterest is all about getting stuff done. People come to Pinterest looking for ideas on how to make their homes prettier, their dinners tastier, their clothing snazzier, and their children better behaved. And they leave ready and eager to put those ideas into action. But not only do Pinners demand awesome information and inspiration, they want to be bowled over by beautiful pins that they can repin to create dazzling boards of Pinterest glory.

If you’re looking to up your Pinterest game and reap the benefits of this booming social site, then you’ve got to check out our gorgeous, fully customizable templates. Choose your favorite Pinterest template and create an eye-popping pin that’s sure to help you achieve your Pinterest goals.

Do the 3-step

A great pin is one that attracts the eye while also providing enough information to make people feel they’ll gain something truly useful if they click on it. The Power of Three template shows photos of three easy, scrumptious desserts that you can make, along with some barebones text to describe what you’ll get if you click. You can use this style of pin to demonstrate a three-step process like a recipe, or you can use it to show three different items you’re making, selling, or promoting.

Pinter-ize your vision

A collage-style pin lets you present a variety of images that come together in a unified vision. The Board Your Vision template effectively conjures up a divine Greek vacation—from where you’ll stay to what you’ll have for breakfast to what you’ll be reading as you gaze across the crystal blue sea.

This template is easy to customize with your own images and text. But keep in mind that one of the things that makes this pin so effective is that all the imagery has a similar aesthetic. There’s a cohesive color scheme, with pastel pinks, blues, and greens popping up in both the photos and the blocks of text. We’ve got some helpful tips on how to create your own color palette and then use it with our templates.

The single-photo pin

Creating a pin with one compelling photo is a strategic way to get people’s attention. This image works for a variety of reasons: The woman’s figure stands out nicely against the softly blurred background. The golden light reflected on her arm catches the eye and puts added focus on her serene expression. And the lighter highlights in her hair provide a nice contrast to her jet black sweater.

To customize our Top of the Charts template, be sure to use a similarly striking image. And you’ll want to use a short, simple header that completes the picture and makes the viewer want to find out what other great content is in store for them once they click. Notice that this is a longer pin, which tends to get more attention on Pinterest because it take up more space on people’s feeds.

Embrace the long form

We love the Long and Lean template because it plays on the unique size and shape of a Pinterest post. Rather than trying to squeeze a long, landscape photo of the ocean at sunset into a narrow pin, we rotated it 90 degrees, which ends up heightening the drama and the spectacular beauty of the shot. The word “Getaways” spelled out vertically capitalizes on the playful positioning of the image, as does the horizon line that bisects the deep blue ocean and the muted pink sky. When customizing this template, choose a simple landscape shot that’ll still be recognizable when rotated and keep your text brief for maximum impact.

Brand focus

The Quarterly Deux template is designed to promote a business (in this case, Meowmix Records), so it focuses on the company’s logo, brand color and font, and the product being sold. Even though there’s a lot of emphasis on beautiful photography on Pinterest, you can attract attention with simple text and graphics and spare imagery. This pin makes great use of minimalistic design elements: lots of white space, a clean sans serif font, geometric shapes, and a single color with black and gray accents.

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