Use a PicMonkey Pinterest Template to Create a Primo Pin

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More than any other social networking site, Pinterest is all about getting stuff done. People come to Pinterest looking for ideas on how to make their homes prettier, their dinners tastier, their clothing snazzier, and their children better behaved. And they leave ready and eager to put those ideas into action. But not only do Pinners demand awesome information and inspiration, they want to be bowled over by beautiful pins that they can repin to create dazzling boards of Pinterest glory.

If you’re looking to up your Pinterest game and reap the benefits of this booming social site, then you’ve got to check out our gorgeous, fully customizable templates. Choose your favorite Pinterest template and create an eye-popping pin that’s sure to help you achieve your Pinterest goals.

Show your work with an infographic Pinterest pin

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A great pin is one that attracts the eye while also providing enough information to make people feel they’ll gain something truly useful if they click on it. Make an infographic pin to visually show how something is made or to present statistics, and include brief text to give the general idea. You can use this style of pin to demonstrate a step-by-step process like a recipe or project.

Make a collage pin

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A collage-style pin lets you present a variety of images that come together in a unified vision — this style is perfect for vacay photos, recipe ingredients, or related products you have for sale. This template is easy to customize with your own images and text. But keep in mind that one of the things that makes this pin so effective is that all the imagery has a similar aesthetic. There’s a cohesive color scheme and the images all together combine to create a refreshing feel. Video works wonderfully to show steps in a collage-style pin.

We’ve got some helpful tips on how to create your own color palette and then use it with our templates.

The single-image (including video!) pin

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Customize this template: The Only Product You'll Need

Creating a pin with one compelling image is a strategic way to get people’s attention. Go for bold with bright colors and simple subjects that stop the scroll. Orange and yellow are known for grabbing people's eyes, and then again so is beautiful blank negative space surrounding an object.

Pair your single image with simple text, perhaps a short, simple header that completes the picture and makes the viewer want to find out what other great content is in store for them once they click.

It's hip to be square

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While the majority of Pinterest consists of vertically-oriented pins, a few square pins here and there aren't going to throw anything off. These littler pins are ideal for small posts like sharing a color palette, a pic of a cupcake, or even a simple logo. See more square Pinterest templates.

Brand focus

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Use your lovely logo to promote your brand with a simple pin focusing on your business name, colors, and vibe. Even though there’s a lot of emphasis on beautiful photography on Pinterest, you can attract attention with simple text and graphics and spare imagery. This pin makes great use of minimalistic design elements: lots of white space, a clean sans serif font, geometric shapes, and a single color with black and gray accents. Browse our thousands of graphics to get inspired.

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