Background Collages: How to Get These 4 Stylish Looks

Sometimes one picture isn't enough. And sometimes two or three isn't enough either. When you're hankering for a way to show a whole bunch of photos, a collage background is exactly what you need. We've got some smokin' hot looks for collages on your phone homescreen, for your Story posts, for business postcards and inspo pieces — and if you want to get 'em using PicMonkey, why don't you hop on over and create a free account . You can play around with our easy-to-use tools, and if you make anything you want to keep, you'll need to start a free trial.

Make a collage background with film and photo frames 

Perfect for:  Project and life inspo, Pinterest Pin, mood board 

How to get this look  in PicMonkey: 

  • Start with a blank canvas that's ready-sized for your needs.

  • Add film and/or photo frame graphics, then drag the top handle to rotate the angle.

  • Add your own photos or use PicMonkey's stock photos and videos; place them within the frames.

  • Add white rectangles and drop text on top.

Make a collage background with simple grids

Perfect for: vacation photos, event promotions, social posts

How to create it in PicMonkey:

  • Click the Create new button at the top of the homepage and choose Collage. 

  • After choosing a layout, go to Photos and click Add photo or video to upload your own photos.

  • Drag to place the photos into cells. Adjust a cell size and the others instantly resize to fit.

  • Add embellishments like tape graphics, maybe a film frame on top with another photo inside it, and text.

To get a bit of text to look like a sticker, click to select it, then go to the Effects tab in the Text palette. Add an outline, adjust its color, and make it extra thick.

Make a collage background using stock photos

Perfect for: phone home screen, Instagram Stories to promote your brand

How to create it in PicMonkey: 

  • Create a blank canvas, sized for your needs.

  • Click Photos & Video and find great images from our stock photos and video library by typing terms into the search bar.

  • Drag images onto your canvas and let the edges overlap

Consider using a single color aesthetic for your collage — you can use our Tint effect to push the colors in each photo.

Make a collage background with photo cutouts 

Perfect for:  fashion posts, business postcards

How to create it in PicMonkey: 

  • Place some photos on the background. 

  • For any photo you want to appear cut out, select it, then click Remove background in the image palette.

  • To get the glitter hand shadow above, add a second hand image with its background removed, then go to Textures and apply one — it will appear within the boundaries of the cutout.

  • Add text and graphics.

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