Favorite Designer Fonts in PicMonkey

A sampling of the latest fonts added to PicMonkey!

Here at PicMonkey HQ, we’re as addicted to fonts as you are. In case you haven't noticed, we added about 250 ultra-luxe new ones recently—let's walk through a smattering of our favorites, and then you can dive right into the Text tool and find your favorites.

1. Quiche Sans

Quiche Sans is your go-to typeface if you want a nice balance of elegant and lighthearted. It's "sans" a serif, so you'll find ten versions of it in the San Serif font section of the text tool. This is beautiful on wedding invitations. Need ideas on what to write? Read more: Wedding Congratulations Messages and Templates

Perfect for: Wedding Invitations, Bridal Showers, Cards, Instagram Posts, and Cover Letters

2. Shapiro

We like Shapiro for its straightforward, no-nonsense clean lines—this font pulls no punches. But we love that it is available in ten different weights from the delicate Light Fly to Heavyweight, giving you tons of options to make knockout designs.

Perfect for: Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, and YouTube thumbnails

3. HK Grotesk

A more modern version of the classic grotesque fonts, HK Grotesk nods to the nostalgic while boasting a more distinguishable typeface. Its easy-to-read design makes it ideal for small text.

Perfect for: Email design, Infographics, Invoices, Menus, and Online Display Ads

4. Cormorant

Here's a beautiful serif font that mimics a precise calligraphy lettering style—you wish you could write this neatly. Cormorant—like its namesake waterfowl—is both graceful and strong making it a natural choice for upscale business branding. Check it out in Light, Medium, Italic, and Bold versions.

Perfect for: Branding, Post Cards, Presentations, and Certificates

5. Work Sans

Living up to its name, Works Sans is a true work horse, offering nine weights from Hairline to Extra Bold. This typeface with its various forms can work just as well for medium-sized web text as it would for printed display purposes.

Perfect for: Banners, Facebook Covers, Resumes, Posters, and Planners

6. Pinyon Script

Get fancy with the effortlessly beautiful Pinyon Script font which you'll find under the Script category of fonts. Only available in a single weight, this font is kind of a diva but for good reason—it looks gorgeous as it is. The letters flow into one another to create a romantic, cursive effect making this font ideal for cards, announcements, and gorgeous Instagram posts.

Perfect for: Valentine Cards, Mother's Day greetings, Graduation Announcements, and Instagram Quote Posts

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