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Spooky Halloween fonts for your designs.

13 Spooky Halloween Fonts for Scare-Raising Pics

Put PicMonkey's frightening fonts on your graphics, invites, and collages.
"Botanicals Artisan Goods" curved text design on coffee cup.

How to Make Curved Text or Circular Text

Learn how to turn your text into everything from arcs and ovals to circles and half-circles.
How to animate a picture or text or graphic with easy one-click animation.

How to Animate a Picture, Text, or Graphic

Learn how to animate a picture, text, or sticker with this 5-step tutorial.
30 font pairings for beautiful designs

30 Font Pairings for All Your Designs

See font pairings in action and apply them to your own designs for all the style and finesse.
How to put a picture inside text

How to Put a Picture Inside Text with Clipping Masks

Ever wanted to put an image inside your text? You can! Learn all the details on how to make a text m...
how to upload and use your own fonts in PicMonkey

How to Use Your Own Fonts in PicMonkey

Upload your own fonts to use in PicMonkey desktop and mobile. Learn how.
Picmonkey has thousands of unique cool fonts check out the 250 new fonts just added

Favorite Designer Fonts in PicMonkey

Looking for a ton of cool font options in your photo editing program? Check out all the fonts at Pic...
How to make a circle logo with picmonkey's curved text tool

Make a Circle Logo with Our Curved Text Tool

Design a circle logo with PicMonkey and start branding like a big shot.
make an instagram post with photo masking

Design 101: Learn Photo Masking & Create a Gorgeous Instagram Post

Learn how to do text and graphic masking with photos.
Use PicMonkey's monogram maker to create designs you can add to mugs like this one, stationery, and so much more.

Make a Monogram Logo with Our Monogram Maker

Learn how to craft a DIY monogram in just three easy steps. Seriously, we promise, fanciness is just...
how to put different fonts together a guide to font pairing

How to Use Font Pairings Like a Pro

Serif, sans serif, script, monospaced, or display -- we'll show you how to perfectly put your font p...

Say it with Text Layouts

Use PicMonkey's text layouts to create text-based designs with multiple complementary fonts.
picmonkey vs canvas which is a better photo editing tool

Six Things PicMonkey Does Better Than Canva

See how PicMonkey offers a faster, easier, more powerful design and photo editing experience than Ca...

How to Make a Blinking Text Instagram Post

Here's an easy workaround to get the flashing text look in Instagram. It involves making a short vid...

Letter Spacing Brings Out the Best in Your Text

Letter spacing, tracking, and leading can have a huge impact on your design.