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How to Put a Picture Inside Text with Clipping Masks

Clipping mask with text. Image as font. See-through text over your image. You’ve heard it described a zillion ways, but here at PicMonkey, we call them "text masks." This awe-inspiring text look can be both polished and fun, and in PicMonkey it’s super easy to achieve. Follow along with these steps and we’ll have you on your way to text masking mastery in no time.

Start with a blank canvas

From the PicMonkey homepage, click Create new and choose the size you want — or you can type custom dimensions in the upper right corner.

Add text to your canvas

To pick your text, click the Text tab (the “Tt” on the far left side of the editor). You can also add graphics (Graphics tab — the shapes icon), or anything else you want to be filled with your image. Chunky text (like the Montserrat typeface) works nicely to create lots of space for the image to shine through—you've got a zillion font choices in PicMonkey.

Add your image from the Textures tab

Click the Textures tab on the far left, then click Add your own texture, and choose one from our vast stock photo library or a photo you've stashed somewhere in a cloud storage service or your hard drive. Click Apply.

You can adjust to your heart's content by selecting the text block, then hitting up all the controls in the Text palette that appears to the side. It's that easy! 

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