Glitzy DIY Invitations with an Uptown Vibe

It’s your girlfriend’s last night as a single lady, and you’ve been tasked with rallying the troops for what’s sure to be an unforgettable evening on the town. Channel your inner Yoncé, and let PicMonkey help you make DIY invitations festive enough to match this special rite of passage!

1. Create your canvas

On the homepage, hover over the Design button and choose a size for your invitation from the dropdown menu. We chose a 5 x 7 canvas for our card. When the Editor opens, choose a color for your background. We’re going with black for this zazzly, night-time look.

2. Add the glitz

Click the Textures tab and choose from Bokeh, Light Trails, or Burst. Make sure that your Blend Mode is set to Screen or Multiply so the texture you select is visible against the black background. Don’t forget to adjust the fade to ensure your text is legible. Once you’ve settled on a texture that fits your vibe, click the Move tab and drag it to the perfect spot. You can also resize, rotate and flip the texture.

3. Say it sassy

In the Text tab, choose a font. Click the Add Text button to begin composing your invite. For a fun look, try a festive typeface like Great Vibes, Ostrich Sans Inline, or Budmo Jiggler. With the Great Vibes font, we typed the words “It’s,” “Ladies,” and “Night” separately so we could position them tightly together.

Use a simple sans serif typeface for your secondary information. We chose Quicksand; however, Geo Sans Light, Futura Medium, and Helvetica Neue Light are also great options. To easily center the text, select the text and drag the left or right edges of the text box to the sides of your canvas, then click the Center Align button in the Text palette. To change the color of your text, highlight the text and choose a color from the the color picker in the palette.

4.  Add some (more) bling

The fun doesn’t have to stop there! Pump up the bling factor by adding Sparkle Stars graphics. Take away any stray stars by clicking the Eraser tab in the palette and scrubbing ’em off. When you’re done sizing, positioning, and erasing the ones you don’t need, right-click on the stars and select Send to back.

Now you’re done with your DIY invitations and ready to party! Did somebody say “glitter pants”?

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