Thanksgiving Graphics for All Your Autumn Designs

Combine a video with animated GIF graphics for a truly moving holiday greeting

Did someone say Thanksgiving graphics? Once again, it’s time to gobble-gobble delicious goodies with your favorite people. Here at PicMonkey, we can’t think of a better way to commemorate the occasion than with delectable Thanksgiving and fall graphics.

Remember tracing your hand to draw a turkey in kindergarten? Well, you’re a grownup now (or at least a precocious teen, or possibly a hyper-intelligent crow with ambitions of a career in graphic design), so it’s time to step up your game. Our generous serving of graphics are here to help.

Autumn leaf clip art for fall-inspired social posts

Graphics set: Fall Harvest — find it under the Seasonal category, plus find a few of these in PicMonkey as animated graphic GIFs

Template: Second Spring (Instagram post)

If you're feelin' fall and want to post something cozy to your social media feed, what's better than a lovely bunch of leaves? Nothing, we say, and we're even including pumpkin pie in that assertion.

Our Fall Harvest graphics are a beautiful autumn-hued, artistic take on leaves of all types and are a simple, but festive, addition to an Instagram post perfect for the season. Open a graphic on your canvas and change the colors, if you want. Resize and rotate, add a drop shadow, and adjust the fade exactly to your liking.

Black and white fall graphics on a YouTube thumbnail

Graphics: Aboriculture — find it under the Nature category in graphics

Template: Fall Ideas (YouTube thumbnail)

Whether you love the black and white aesthetic for its simplicity, or because it's a little moody (in a good way), the Aboriculture set will meet your needs for hand-drawn illustration graphics.

Frame a Snapchat filter with—wait for it...more colorful leaf clip art!

Graphics: Fallen Leaves — find it under the Nature category in graphics

Template: Let's Fall Into Giving Snapchat geofilter

The perfect frame for a custom Snapchat geofilter, use colorful fall graphics to adorn your favorite leaf-peeping pic, or your annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

Pour some wine glass clip art onto an Instagram post

Graphics: Drinks — find it in the Food & Drink graphics category

Template: Happy Winesgiving Instagram post

For some us, Thanksgiving is as much about the wine as it is about the food. Say cheers to your social media followers with a simple greeting that pleases the palate when you try wine glass or wine bottle clip art on a simple Instagram or Facebook post.

DIY place cards made with Thanksgiving graphics

Graphics: Giving Thanks — find it under the Food & Drink category

Font: Jeremy — find it in the Script category

Set a beautiful Thanksgiving table with custom place cards made with, you guessed, it, Thanksgiving graphics! Start with a blank canvas, add graphics and type each of your guests' names.

If you wanna put more than just your guests' names on the cards, try pairing fonts for an elegant Thanksgiving look.

To make multiple cards quickly, go to the File drop down menu and select Edit a copy to create another card in the same style. Download each card and print, fold in half (dotted line optional), and place on your table.

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