Make Your Own Funny Mother’s Day Cards

Make Your Own Funny Mother’s Day Cards
April 14, 2017 PicMonkey

Just as blooming flowers announce the arrival of spring, card store aisles filled with blossoms on pink card stock signal the approach of Mother’s Day. Poetic words of love and appreciation expressed in rosy hues are nice and all, but if your mom is more into puns than peonies, check out these funny Mother’s Day cards. We’ve got a whole bunch of snappy, snarky templates that you can customize, as well as some ideas on how to make your own cards from scratch.

Begin with a template

You’ll find all of our templates by going to the homepage, hovering over Design and selecting Templates. To get all the templates related to Mother’s Day, do a search in the upper left-hand corner on the Templates page.

Sibling rivalry

This sassy Mother's Day card template makes it clear who's the favorite child.Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but you won’t need nearly that many to bond with your mom while also poking fun at your siblings. Our Just My Type template lets you change the font, the color, and even the message if you so desire.

Tip: Here’s a crazy idea: Swap out the solid colored background for a big-ole pic of YOU! Just delete the blue rectangle, add your photo as a graphic, and size it to fit the background. Use the Layers palette to send the pic to the back so the words are on top of it. You’ll probably have to fool around with the text so it shows up against the photo. Try adding drop shadow or switch up the colors.

Thanks a lot

This Mother's Day card has a great 80s vibe.

There’s so much to thank your mother for, but how about focusing on what REALLY matters—like the fact that she didn’t toss you high into the air, then let you slip through her arms and plummet to the ground. The 80s Vibes template calls to mind an era when car seats were optional, helmets were a rarity, and hand sanitizers were unheard of. It was survival of the fittest!

Tip: Want to swap out triangles for stars, hearts, or spirographs? Go for it! Check out our massive folder of graphics in the Graphics tab.

It’s all about you

Give your mom kudos for her skills at raising plants and kids with this funny Mother's Day card.
Wanna remind your mother what an awesome job she did raising you, while also giving her kudos for her mad gardening skills? Our 12oz Tall template does it all with a playful sentiment and modern, elegant look.

The good old days

This Mother's Day card shows your mom back in her heyday.

Have you ever come across a picture of your mom in her heyday and thought, “Wow, who’s that? She’s pretty rad!” Give your mom some props for her sassy style and effortless chic by inserting that found photo into the Divide and Conquer template.

Cat lady

This Mother's Day card is for the crazy cat lady in your life.

Here’s one for the crazy cat lady in your life. Or if you yourself are the feline fanatic, post the Catnip template to your social networking sites and demand the respect you and your fellow crazy cat ladies deserve.

Tip: If you want to put an extra personal touch on this template by replacing the black cat with a photo of a real-life feline, just add your pic as a graphic. To remove the background from your photo, put the eraser on the Graphic palette to work.

Start from scratch

Here are some ideas for creating your own cards by starting with a blank canvas. Just go to the homepage, hover over Design at the top, select Blank canvas, then choose a size.

A cut above the rest

Give your mom a sassy Mother's Day card that celebrates hideous childhood haircuts.

Put those repressed memories of bowl haircuts to use and create a witty Mother’s Day card all on your own. This card is an easy DIY project: To make noggins using graphics, find the circles in the Geometric group in the Graphics tab, then head to Santaland in the Themes tab and make your selections from Stick-on Beards. Rotate the faux facial hair, place it on top of your circle heads, and your tribute to traumatic childhood haircuts is ready for text.

Eye love you

Create a sassy Mother's Day card using sunglass graphics from PicMonkey.

Show off that sense of humor your momma gave ya with a punny Mother’s Day card. The options in the Graphics tab make it easy to drive your humorous phrase home, like we did here with a selection from Sunglasses.

Tip: To put shades on display with Sunglass Hut-worthy speed, place your first graphic on your canvas, right-click, and select Duplicate graphic. This will create its twin. Repeat until you’ve achieved the ideal amount of eyewear.

Gloating gold

Give your mom a gold star this Mother's Day by creating your own sassy card.

Give your mom the ultimate grade school seal of approval, and don’t be surprised if your card ends up displayed on the fridge. You can make a super-shiny gold star using Stars in the Graphics tab, the Your Own option in the Textures tab, and the simple steps in this text masking tutorial. Wanna make it extra glitzy? Relive your own gold star-earning days by grabbing a glue stick and a little glitter.

No wine-ing

Show your mom that you appreciate all of her sacrifices (including wine and soft cheeses) with a sassy Mother's Day card.

This Mother’s Day, show your oenophile mom that you understand and appreciate everything she’s done for you, even while you were in utero. For this design, we used a hearts graphic and created a wine glass using the circle, rectangle, and triangle in Geometric.

Tip: To make sure the top of your wine glass is straight, place a horizontal rectangle graphic on top of the circle graphic. Zoom in, and use the eraser in the Graphic palette to slice your circle roughly in half, using the bottom of the rectangle as a makeshift ruler. Once your circle is looking like the top of a wine vessel, delete the horizontal rectangle.

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