10 Mother’s Day Card Ideas from Sassy to Sentimental

Everyone’s mom is unique, so let’s celebrate yo momma’s specialness with a card meant just for her. We have Mother’s Day card ideas for the funny mom, the serious mom, the irreverent momma, the like-a-mom, the mom-to-be, and more.

Create a Mother’s Day card with a template

You’ll find all of our templates by clicking Templates at the top of the homepage. Under the Card category you’ll see a whole buncha Mother’s Day card templates. Choose a template and click it to customize. Make it your own by changing the fonts, colors, words, and images. Upload your own photo(s) by selecting Add an image at the top of the editor. Your card will autosave to Hub as you work, so when you are ready to print or send it, just click Export.

1. For the sassy mom of 2 or more kids

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but you won’t need nearly that many to bond with your mom while also poking fun at your siblings. Our Just My Type template lets you change the font, the color, and even the message if you so desire.

To customize this template, you could swap out the solid colored background for a big-ole pic of YOU! Just delete the blue rectangle, add your photo as a graphic, and size it to fit the background. Use the Layers palette to send the pic to the back so the words are on top of it. You’ll probably have to fool around with the text so it shows up against the photo. Try adding drop shadow or switch up the colors.

2. For the mom you love to tease

There’s so much to thank your mother for, that’s a given, but how about focusing on what REALLY matters—like the fact that she didn’t toss you high into the air, then let you slip through her arms and plummet to the ground. This card is great for when you want to say, “Thanks for keeping me alive, mom!”

The 80s Vibes template calls to mind an era when car seats were optional, helmets were a rarity, and hand sanitizers were unheard of. It was survival of the fittest! And yet, we made it. Customize this template by swapping out triangles for stars, hearts, or spirographs. Check out our massive folder of graphics in the Graphics tab.

3. For the mom who couldn’t be prouder of her beautiful kids

Wanna remind your mother what an awesome job she did raising you, while also giving her kudos for her mad gardening skills? Then this is the card for her.

Our 12oz Tall template does it all with a playful sentiment and modern, elegant look.

4. For the super-cool-back-in-the-day mom

Your mom was hip to all the cool trends that have now made their way back around to the present. Believe her when she says she was wearing those exact jeans and sweaters in the 1970’s waaaaaaay before you “discovered” them.

Dig up the proof in the old family photo albums and insert into the Divide and Conquer template.

5. For the mom with fur babies

Not all mothers have human children, you know. If you want to celebrate the crazy cat lady in your life, here’s the card for you.

You could even swap in a pic of her real kitties instead of using the cat graphic. Open the template and click Add an image to get it on the canvas.

6. For the frou-frou momma who loves lady things

Does your mom have a set of dishes for every holiday? Is her sofa covered in a floral print? Does she subscribe to magazines about decorating in the country Victorian style? Then have we got the card for you!

Customize this template, Pretty Corners, with more flowers or change them out for different ones by visiting Graphics > Nature.

7. For the minimalist mod momma

If your mom is the type who believes less is more, then go for a simple, but bold, card that she’ll want to display in her Scandi-themed home all year.

Check out this template, Mirror Words, to make a maximum statement with little effort. Customize with new words, check out other mod-looking san serif fonts, or add a cool marble texture as a background.

8. For the geek-chic mom

If your mom is the kind to play light sabers with the grandkids, followed by a super hero movie night, this easy-to-make card is perfect for her.

Make her day extra nerdy by customizing this template, Hero for a Day, with your own photo, and choosing your own super hero mask(s) graphics which you’ll find in Graphics > Whimsy > Heroes.

9. For the mom who made sure that you ate healthy meals

If your mamacita wasn’t baking cookies for your bake sale, then she was prepping a spaghetti feed for the swim team. The woman is a feeder, everyone loved her cooking, and still does.

Let her know how much you appreciate all that loving kindness she showed your tummy growing up with the Tooty Fruity template. Fruit not your vibe? We have loads of other food graphics from smoothies to steak to salmon, check ’em out at Graphics > Food & Drink.

10. For the blissed-out new momma

It’s your sister’s or BFF’s first baby and, as tired as she is, she’s still in that baby-bliss cloud. Celebrate her first year as a mother with a photo card of the two of them during this beautiful time.

For this look, Swiss Momma, we contrasted the color on the left with a black and white photo on the right. But there’s nothing preventing you from swapping out this pic (right click it, select Replace Image) with a color pic and changing the left side to black and white. You do you.

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