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Using Old PicMonkey? Find help here.

Using Old PicMonkey? Find help here.

What is a Team Subscription?

A Team subscription is PicMonkey’s bulk license offering, designed for companies with multiple employees using PicMonkey. With a Team plan, between 3 and 30 seats (licenses) are tied to a single payment method, controlled by a Team Owner. This subscription plan was introduced in November 2018. 

Set up a Team account:

To start a Teams account, select the Teams option when purchasing a subscription or upgrading your current account from the Account Settings menu. You’ll then be prompted to enter the emails of your desired Team Members. They will receive an email invitation to join your PicMonkey team. Everybody who accepts your invitation will become a Team Member, whether or not they are registered on our site. 

Note: Users who already have paid access to PicMonkey cannot be invited to a team.

All users on a Teams account receive Pro subscription access to PicMonkey’s features.

Click here to learn the difference between our Basic and Pro subscriptions.

Leaving Teams & removing or reassigning seats:

If you join a team but later want your own subscription, you can leave the team on your Billing page, which you can find by clicking the caret next to your username in the upper right corner of PicMonkey and selecting Manage my account. Changing your membership plan and updating or renewing your account are easy to do at any time. Seats on a Teams account that have been vacated can then be re-assigned by the team owner.

The team owner can add or remove seats to the Team plan as needed. Seat removals will take effect when the subscription renews, so the team owner can reassign those seats to different users until the end of the billing period. 

Team owners can change who occupies seats that are scheduled to expire.

To do this: 

  • Open the Team tab of your Account Settings.

  • Scroll down to the Seats Pending Removal section.

  • Click the three-dot icon to the right of a seat listing to reveal the options menu.

  • Click Swap seat.

  • Select which team members you want to lose access, and leave unchecked those you wish to stay.

  • Click Confirm.

Owners can also restore seats that are scheduled for removal by clicking Restore seat on the three-dot options menu next to the seat listing.

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