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What Happens to Hub Images if I Downgrade or Cancel?

Different subscription levels have different capabilities in Hub. 

  • Pro subscribers: can download files as PNG, JPG, or PDF, MP4, or GIF. They can upload their own fonts. 

  • Basic subscribers: can download files as PNG, JPG, MP4, or GIF, but not PDF.

Read more about PicMonkey subscription types.

Downgrading from Pro to Basic

If you downgrade your subscription from Pro to Basic:

  • You will lose access to your fonts that you uploaded to the text tool, and will longer be able to upload custom fonts. 

  • You will not have access to your Brand Kit, although all the assets will save should you wish to upgrade again.

  • You will be unable to download images as PDF.

  • If you've created or shared a Shared Hub Folder, you will still have access. 

Canceling a Basic or Pro subscription

If you cancel your PicMonkey subscription:

  • You will still have access to your images in Hub, however you will no longer be able to download or share them. 

For more information on changing your PicMonkey account, see the Managing Subscriptions section of Help.

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