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Using Old PicMonkey? Find help here.

VIDEO: Putting Photos Inside Text (Masking)

Putting an image inside text is called masking. To create a text mask in your design, start with some text that is bold and thick enough to let an image show through. We’re going to show you how to use make the photo show inside the text in this video:

Make sure the Layers palette is open. If you don’t see the Layers palette, click the three stacked squares in the lower left to launch it.

  1. Select the text layer. 

  2. Click the Textures tab on the left.

  3. Choose a texture, or click “Add your own texture” to apply a texture from another source, such as your Hub or stock photos.

  4. Adjust the position and attributes to get just the look you want.

  5. Click Apply.

To learn more about using text in your designs, see Adding Text to Photos.

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