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Basic Edits: Exposure, Colors, Sharpen

The top left tab in the PicMonkey Editor launches three types of editing sections: Canvas, Basic, and Advanced. This help article will look at the Basic Edits Menu. 

To start quickly, click the Auto Adjust button at the top of the Basic Edits panel to automatically adjust your image’s exposure, color, and clarity. Be aware that auto-adjust works better on some images than on others.

If you don’t like how PicMonkey auto-adjusted your image, you can click the Undo arrow in the bottom toolbar to go back to how your image was before.


Exposure is how light or dark an image appears. If an image is too dark, it’s underexposed. If it’s too light, it’s overexposed.

  • You can select Auto Adjust in the exposure tool and PicMonkey will automatically adjust your photo’s brightness, highlights, shadows, and contrast.

  • If you don’t like how the auto-adjustment looks you can fine tune the Brightness, Highlights, Shadows, and Contrast sliders until it looks right to you.

  • To save your changes, click Apply.


The Colors tool helps you control how the colors appear in your image. You can click Auto Adjust and have PicMonkey automatically adjust the colors, or adjust them manually. 

  • The White balance picker allows you to select a shade of white/gray that will help color-correct the entire photo (like if you took a photo in incandescent lighting and it has an orange hue, for instance.)

  • The Temperature and Tint sliders control the warmth or coolness of the colors, and the overall red/green hue, respectively. 

  • The Saturation and Vibrance sliders boost the colors in your photo. 

  • Use the Fade slider to control the intensity of the adjustments. 


The Sharpen tool helps you show off more details in your image by defining lines in your image. 

  • The Radius slider controls how much of your photo the adjustments will apply to.

  • Adjust the Strength and Clarity sliders until your image is as sharp as you want it to be.

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