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VIDEO: How to Use Text Layouts

Text layouts are pre-matched complementary fonts for your designs. They eliminate the need to figure out which fonts go well together. When you click Text on the left menu, you’ll now see dozens of font combinations that you can add to your canvas. They will auto-size to your canvas dimensions, but you can adjust the size.

These text combinations are customizable, meaning you can change the position of each text layer, the font size or color, and add a drop shadow or an outline using the Text palette (called "Multiple Layers palette" when more than one layer is selected on your canvas).

Or choose to group the text layers together into a single layer so you can easily move the arrangement around your canvas.

How to use Text Layouts:

  1. In PicMonkey, go to the Text tab on the left.

  2. Browse the text layout templates in the left panel by scrolling.

  3. Click the layout you want to try.

  4. Delete the layout before previewing another.

  5. Customize your chosen layout any way you like.

  6. Leave the background white, change the color, or layer in photos or graphics.

To add a photo to your canvas:

  1. Select “Add an image”.

  2. Choose your photo’s location.

  3. Rearrange the layers by clicking the arrows on the Layers palette.

Can you add more text the regular way when you use Text Layouts? Yes. Just click the blue “Add text” button above the text layouts to add a fresh text box on your canvas.

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