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PicMonkey Help & Support

Adding Text to Photos

Here’s how to add text to a picture in PicMonkey:

1. Open an image or template in PicMonkey.

2. Click the Text tab (the “Tt” icon on the far left). 

3. Click the Add text button at the top of the panel.

4. Click inside the text box and type your text.

Add text effects:

1. To modify your text, highlight it inside the text box.

2. In the Text palette, select your color, font, size, letter spacing, etc.

3. Click Effects in the Text palette to add an effect such as Drop Shadow or Curved Text.

In this example, we added an inner shadow, a yellow outline, and increased the letter spacing.

Moving and sizing the text box:

1. To move your text, hover inside the text box. When you see a four-ended arrow, drag the box to where you want it. 

2. To change the height and width of your text, click outside the text box. Click and drag a corner handle or the top or bottom edge of the box.

3. To adjust the line length without changing the font size, click outside the text box, hover over a vertical side until you see two more vertical lines. Drag the side of the box to the left or right. 

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