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PicMonkey Help & Support

How to Curve Text

In PicMonkey you can curve your text into the shape of an arc, or go 360 with a circle curvature when you use the effects on the Text palette.

Here’s how to curve your text in PicMonkey:

1. Open an image, template, or blank canvas in the editor.

2. Click the Text tab (the “Tt” icon on the far left). 

3. Click the Add text button at the top of the panel.

4. Click inside the text box and type your text.

5. Click Effects in the Text palette.

6. Click Curved text. Then select Arc or Circle from the dropdown menu.

7. For arcs, you can use the Curvature slider to adjust the shape. Slide right or left to curve convex or concave.

8. To create circle text, just select Circle from the dropdown menu. If it isn't fitting correctly try sizing the text up or down, or resizing your text box.

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