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VIDEO: Uploading Your Own Fonts (Mac)

PicMonkey Pro subscribers can upload any font from their computer to use in PicMonkey.

Supported file types for fonts: OTF, TTF, TTC.

Watch this video to learn how to upload and access your own fonts in PicMonkey if you are a Mac user. (Working on a PC? Check out: Upload Your Own Fonts on a PC.)

Steps for uploading your fonts on a Mac:

  1. Click the Text tab in the tool bar on the left.

  2. Click the Add text button at the top of the screen — the Text palette will appear.

  3. At the bottom of the font list, click the Upload your fonts  button.

4. Follow the instructions that appear in the panel for finding where the font is stored on your computer. PicMonkey detects your operating system, so the instructions will be customized for Mac or PC. You’ll also be shown how to copy the font file to your desktop and open it in PicMonkey.

Once you’ve done that,  you’ll see it in the font drop-down list, under “Your Fonts.” Any time you log in to PicMonkey, on any computer, your unique font will be available.

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