PicMonkey Help & Support

Looking for account or tech support? Visit Help.

Looking for account or tech support? Visit Help.

Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar (new as of June 2020) allows you to start, save/move, and share a project; while connecting you to Help & Support and to the Resource Center

From left to right the top navigation is as follows:

  • PicMonkey logo: Takes you back to the homepage.

  • File dropdown menu: Start a new project, move or copy the file, and more

  • Smart Resize: Access this Pro feature to create multiple versions of your design

  • Add image: Bring in an image to your current project from a variety of sources.

  • File name & saved status: Click to rename your file, choose the folder to store it in.

  • Download: Choose which file type to save to your computer.

  • Share dropdown menu: Share your file directly to email, social media, or with others.

  • Learn dropdown menu: Links to the PicMonkey Resource Center, Help, and more.

  • Notifications Bell: See comments from your shared work or messages from PicMonkey.

  • "X": Close the editor window and return to the Homepage.