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PicMonkey Help & Support

Top Toolbar

The top toolbar (new as of June 2020) allows you to start, save/move, and share a project; while connecting you to Help & Support and to the Resource Center

From left to right, the toolbar shows:

  • PicMonkey logo: Takes you back to the homepage and all your cloud storage folders.

  • File dropdown menu: Start a new project, move or copy the file, and more

  • Templates: Search or browse thousands of templates for your project

  • Collage: Open the Collage Tool and access all the layouts

  • Themes: Browse design themes by holiday or aesthetic

  • Smart Resize: Access this Pro feature to create multiple versions of your design

  • Add image: Bring in an image to your current project from a variety of sources.

  • File name & folder location: Click to rename your file, choose the folder and subfolder where you'd like to store it. Remember your work always autosaves to Hub, your cloud storage within PicMonkey.

  • Download: Choose which file type to save to your computer.

  • Share dropdown menu: Share your file directly to email, social media, or with others.

  • Learn dropdown menu: Links to the PicMonkey Resource Center, Help, and more.

  • Notifications Bell: See comments from your shared work or messages from PicMonkey.

  • "X": Close the editor window and return to the Homepage.

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