PicMonkey Help & Support

Looking for account or tech support? Visit Help.

Looking for account or tech support? Visit Help.

The Bottom Toolbar

The bottom toolbar launches palettes and tools for adjusting your canvas.

The icons from left to right:

  • Layers palette: The 3 stacked squares icon will launch the Layers palette where you can select and reorder the layers in your design (such a graphics, text, photos, etc). See: All About the Layers Palette

  • Settings wheel: This icon will launch two settings controls:

  • Before/After: The black/white square when clicked and held will show you what your design looked like when you started. 

  • Undo/Redo arrows: Go back one or more steps. Or, put back one or more steps you undid. 

  • Zoom Circles: Use the zoom + and - circles to increase or decrease the size of your canvas.

  • Percentage Drop-down: Click to quickly change to a specific %, or zoom to fit the screen.