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All About the Workspace Palette

The Workspace palette lets you control the look and function of your workspace in PicMonkey. Launch this palette by clicking the Settings icon (wheel-shape) on the bottom toolbar. Then click Workspace.

The Workspace palette contains the following functions:

  • Color: Choose a light gray or black background for your workspace.

  • View objects off canvas: If you drag a layer (like a graphic or text box, for instance) off to the side of your canvas so you can work on layers underneath, checking this box will show where those items are located off of your canvas.

Notice that when View objects off canvas is checked, the entire sunflower graphic is visible despite part of it being off the canvas.

  • Auto-center zoom: Keeps your canvas in the middle of the Editor.

  • Show mini-map: When you zoom in on your design, a miniaturized version will appear on the right, allowing you to easily navigate between areas of the design without having to zoom out.

With Show mini-map checked, a miniaturized 'map' of your design appears on the right. Click anywhere on the map to navigate to that area of the canvas.

Need details about the Alignment palette? See: All About the Alignment Palette

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