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Text-Only PNG with a Transparent Background for Printing (video)

When your project requires a transparent background for printing on merchandise, or adding to other images, it's super easy to do in PicMonkey. When you export your transparent-background image as a PNG, this file format maintains the background transparency. 

In the video and steps below, you'll see how to create text on a transparent background and download it for printing, but the steps are the same for pretty much any image with transparency you want to preserve when downloading.

Steps for creating and saving text on a transparent background:

  1. Open a blank canvas in the dimensions you desire. (See: convert inches to pixels)

  2. In the Background palette that appears to the side of your canvas, click Pick a color.

  3. Click the Transparent checkbox towards the bottom of the palette. Your canvas is now transparent. 

  4. Add your text to the canvas and adjust as desired. 

  5. Click Download and be sure to choose "PNG image" as the file type.

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