Black and White effect

Make your pictures black and white with PicMonkey's free online photo editing tool.

Our Black and White effect is so much more versatile than its name implies. You can make your photo black and white then add color back in select parts of the photo. Open your original image in PicMonkey... like so:

Go to Effects (the magic wand icon) and select Black and White in the Black and White category. Black and white will be applied to your whole image. 

Make sure Original is selected in the Paint palette and brush on the color of the original image. Be sure to adjust the brush size, hardness, and strength to your liking. You can make the color really pop, like this:

Another thing you can do with the Black and White effect is apply a faded black and white, which allows a little color to shine through. After you turn your photo black and white, adjust the Fade slider and adjust the Contrast filter to select the hue you'd like to come through.   

Have fun!