#Fave: Spring PicWakening

Spring has sprung, PicMonkey nation, and social media tells us you’re all busy as bees on arts, crafts, portraiture, and ever-beloved selfies. (In case you were worried, bees are doing a lot better these days. )

You know what that means: time for another user content roundup! Today, we delve into portraits crystallizing life’s important moments, psychedelic dolphins, and some of the most hardcore DIY we’ve seen to date. Clean out your garage and hang up your coats, kids, it’s April!

Edgy art

This delicate line art could be straight out of a manga-style comic book, but it was created by Instagrammer Michelle Motuzas right in PicMonkey. The secret weapon? Edge Sketch.

Keep the Edge Sketchified photos coming, peeps! We love all our photo effects, graphics, and textures, but seeing you guys using and enjoying a brand-new tool gets us especially jazzed.

Etsy banner bonanza

Everybody knows you can’t spell crafts without Etsy! And you can’t spell DIY without crafts.

We’re pretty sure that’s how it works.

Listen, spelling is hard. But making Etsy banners doesn’t have to be: just ask Becka Rahn. Rahn, who teaches digital fabric design (think Spoonflower) and basic technology-for-artists, has created a tutorial that walks you through creating three different styles of Etsy banner. Since we’re all about that sweet sweet self-expression, we absolutely dig her triple-threat approach.

Love in color

You know that moment when you’re so in love that everything else seems to fade to black and white? From what we’ve read, it’s pretty spiffy. And photographer Shadia Amen-McDermott has perfectly encapsulated that moment through the use of selective colorization. With wedding season coming up (the time of year when affianced couples compete for spots in the nuptial playoffs), you may want to keep this idea in your back pocket.

Ugh, we love weddings, you guys. We’re tearing up.

Abs-owl-utely fabulous

This owl is not what it seems: its vibrant, gemlike plumage was actually painted on using PicMonkey textures. Whaaaa? We know, right! It’s like looking at a duct-tape prom dress. PicMonkeyer MJ Queen-Purk says of the coloring job:

I recently bought a coloring book for Brenda at her request. We realized that if she took a photo of the coloring book page with her cell phone and she emailed it to me that I could use PicMonkey to independently color the entire thing. This is the first time in my life that I have been able to color an entire page without help. This may seem like a small achievement to most of you but it is a huge deal to me.

It’s a huge deal to us too! To learn how Queen-Purk made it happen, check out her YouTube tutorial.

Boys will be BFFs

CONTENT WARNING: This image may contain more than your recommended daily dose of adorable. Please consume ridiculously cute images responsibly. Side effects may include wistfulness, grinning, and an overwhelming urge to share on your social media networks.

(Seriously, we love how candid and phenomenally cute this photo is. We hope it tickles you as much as it did us!)

Title IX, feelin’ fine

Another great thing about spring: you can actually go outside and feel like, “Hey, I’d like to do something active today.” That’s why we’re all about Steve Edgerly’s sports photography. Highlighting excellence (and excellent facial expressions) among female high school athletes, it really makes us wanna get out there and … run a lap or something.

Go sports, do the thing!

Senioritis (but still stylish)

These happy feet brought a smile to our faces, especially after our recent foray into the world of senior photos. Congrats to all soon-to-be graduates! And special thanks to the photographers who make those grads look so darn snazzy.

Keep calm and monkey on

At PicMonkey, we love a good affirmation. And when we came across this one—made with one of our very favorite Light Trails textures—it filled us with warm, affirmative fuzzies.

We’re honored that you guys use PicMonkey to express your aspirations and self-love. We hope we provide, if nothing else, a moment of creative catharsis as you go about the business of being you.

Light up a room

We’re getting in the wayback machine for this one. Join us on a jaunt back to 2014, when everybody was shaking if off and demanding to know what to turn down for. In that benighted era, one blogger shone a light on all that ailed us, by literally shining a light: Yvonne at StoneGable posted a tutorial on using PicMonkey’s monogramming as a jumping off point for making your very own monogram lampshade.

This is one of those things you don’t think you need until you see it, and then you gotta have it. Plus, no one would be able to steal your lampshades!

Put some words on it

We have to admit: sometimes we don’t give our text tool its due. We’re like, “eh, words, whatevs.” But then one of you guys will use PicMonkey text for something incredible, and we fall in love all over again.

So it is with this DIY garden tool holder from The Interior Frugalista. Stepping into the springtime spirit, blogger Marie Blackburn designed the rustic tool holder on a dime, but didn’t skimp on style. We love that she used PicMonkey to personalize the project with a gardening-themed message.

None of your beeswax

Rounding out our jaw-dropping DIYfest, the artistic artisans at Joy from Within have created not only a lip balm label made in PicMonkey, but an entire lip balm recipe for real lip balm.

This is so, so above and beyond, friends. It’s like doing a book report on a book that you wrote, or offering to drive your friend to work and then giving them a new car. It’s like a recipe for DIY lip balm that you can make on your stove top, from just four ingredients! If you try this recipe, let us know how you like the soothing peppermint.

Dolphins, just dolphins

We promised you dolphins, and by thunder, we meant it.

We’re pretty sure the only thing that could make these majestic space dolphins more soothing would be a nice, slow, Ken-Burns-style pan from one part of the image to another. But even without that: still majestic and soothing. We’re gonna keep staring blissfully for awhile.

What have you been making with PicMonkey lately? Let us know with the hashtag #picmonkey so we can sing your praises.

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Elisa Chavez is a content writer here at PicMonkey, where she hopes to change the world one dinosaur selfie at a time. She is also a nationally ranked slam poet, champion shopper, and doting dog mama.