Photo hound, we’ve got great tips to help you bring your A game to every pic you take. Learn photography tips for all types of shots, from basic black and white to advanced stuff like light painting and getting that sweet miniature look. Today, skills. Tomorrow, the world!

Sleeping newborn with woven cap on head.

DIY Baby Photos Made Easy with These Photoshoot Tips

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Four-square collage of various profile pictures.

Create Your Best Profile Pic

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Flat lay of Black hands, laptop, mouse, coffee, paperclips, and notebook.

Flat Lay Photos: 10 Tips for Acing the Internet’s Chicest Trend

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Photo of woman walking through woods, only partial high resolution.

How to Make a High Resolution Image for Print or Web

Learn how to create a high resolution image so it'll look great when you print or post online.
Tips for shooting and editing product photos for your ecommerce shop

Product Photography Tips for Online Sellers

How to shoot and edit your product pics before uploading to your online store.
How to Edit Photos for Real Estate

How to Edit Photos for Real Estate

Learn how to make the most of real estate listings with these photo editing tips.
tips and tricks for food photography with a phone

Food Photography: Mobile Editing Tips and Shooting Secrets

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How to Get Great Social Media Profile Pictures with Your Phone or iPad

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15 tips for shooting photos of christmas lights

Brilliant Tips for Better Christmas Light Background Photography

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fix photo mistakes with filters in picmonkey see before and after images

4 Common Photo Mistakes You Can Fix with a Filter

Four filters to fix your frequently occurring photography issues.

The Ultimate Photography Cheat Sheet

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Master Water Photography with These Expert Tips

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